• Top 10 Songs To Make People Dance At a Party

    It’s Friday night and you’ve invited over some friends to get down and boogie. Only one problem: You don’t have any music to play. It’s an epidemic that can halt any plans for a fun-filled night, and you definitely don’t want to be the one that drops the ball in the entertainment category. As such, we’ve put together a list of 10 quintessential songs to play when you’re planning a dance party. Some songs are more recent favorites, while others have stood the test of time. Regardless, they’re records that will keep the party rocking into the wee hours of the morning. Check out our list of the Top 10 Songs To Make People Dance At a Party.
  • Michael Jackson “Rock With You”

    Michael Jackson has an extensive catalog that includes a number of highly-touted records ripe for the dancefloor. However, “Rock With You” remains the quintessential choice, and with good reason. Produced by the legendary Quincy Jones, this 1979 record showcases Jackson’s charming vocals and a blissed-out backdrop that can’t be denied.
  • The Outfield “Your Love”

    From the opening guitar lick to the catchy hook that vocalist Tony Lewis belts out throughout the song, The Outfield’s “Your Love” is a guaranteed pleaser for the dancefloor. It’s fair to say this 1985 hit record from the London-based band has definitely outlived it’s shelf life. Whereas many other songs from the ‘80’s have fallen to the wayside, “Your Love” has become somewhat of a cult classic, spanning multiple generations. Don’t be surprised if the phrase, “I don’t wanna lose your love tonight” gets stuck in your head by night’s end. That’s a good thing.
  • Kriss Kross, "Jump"

    Kriss Kross’ 1992 debut single “Jump” is the perfect example of a song title matching exactly what the listener can expect when they hit play. A lot of energy mixed with the lyrical quips of this former dynamic teenage duo from Atlanta still bumps out of speakers like it’s hot off the presses, and the ceremonious hook is the obvious highlight for any party worth attending. And if you’re not in agreement? That’s wiggity, wiggity, wiggity wack.
  • Jamiroquai “Canned Heat”

    Jamiroquai may be best known for the titillating grooves of “Virtual Insanity,” but their 1999 single “Canned Heat” is without a doubt the model song for everything dance-related when it comes to this British funk band. And as evidenced by lead singer Kay Jay in the music video, there’s really no wrong way to get down and boogie to this song. Just remember to bring your dancing shoes.
  • Rihanna “Don’t Stop the Music”

    Rihanna has time and again delivered smash hits that blend different genres, with “Don’t Stop the Music” highlighting a techno-pop theme for the Bajan singer to glide over gracefully. She stays within her vocal range, allowing the synth backdrop to drive the pulse of the song like a heartbeat. From there, it’s a body moving affair when this record come on. You might even bust out a few moves you didn’t even know you had in your arsenal, all thanks to Rihanna’s “Don’t Stop the Music.”
  • Black Eyed Peas “I Gotta Feeling”

    “I Gotta Feeling” by Black Eyed Peas is heard everywhere you turn. The song is used in commercials, it’s played inside of malls. At this point it might even be the unofficial record of our generation. Why? Because it’s a feel-good record with a feel-good concept. So no matter how many times you’ve heard Black Eyed Peas’ “I Gotta Feeling,” once it comes on at a party you’re bound to embrace it on the dancefloor like it’s the first time.
  • Cee Lo Green “Forget You”

    While the theme of Cee Lo Green’s 2010 hit single “Forget You” tells a humorously bitter tale of love lost from the perspective of a rambunctious kid, the soulful backdrop matched up with the veteran singer’s bellowing vocals make this an excellent choice for getting a dance party started. Everyone can relate to the lyrics, and even more so to the groovy formula of the song.
  • Maroon 5 f/ Christina Aguilera “Moves Like Jagger”

    Even if you don’t know who Mick Jagger is — for the record, he’s the lead singer of The Rolling Stones — you still have to appreciate the stylistic approach that Maroon 5 take on this 2011 hit single. Whereas the veteran band from Los Angeles were better known for their pop rock sensibilities, “Moves Like Jagger” was a groovy departure highlighted by an electropop backdrop. Whether it’s played at the beginning or end of the party, this song is tailor-made to get people up off their feet and cutting up a rug.
  • Daft Punk f/ Pharrell Williams “Get Lucky”

    It’s amazing to think that it took two decades for Daft Punk to receive the recognition they deserved, but their 2013 smash single “Get Lucky” is by no means a fluke of success. In fact, it displays the French electronic music duo’s time-tested ability to make an incredible record without overwhelming the listener. From Pharrell William’s silky smooth vocals to Nile Rodgers’ funky guitar line, Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” provides four minutes worth of dance grooves that will last a lifetime.
  • Justin Timberlake “Take Back the Night”

    Justin Timberlake did everything right in 2013. He released two chart-topping albums, one as impressive as the next. He wowed us at MTV Video Music Awards with his spectacular performance. As if that wasn’t enough, he made sure we got that undeniable dancing feeling with “Take Back the Night.” Produced by Timbaland, the upbeat record channels Timberlake’s vibrant energy and inviting vocals. You’d be wise to accept when this comes on at the next party you attend.