Sigur Rós’ “Rafstraumur” which translates into “electric” was recently remixed by Canadian and Swiss DJ Cyril Hahn. Icelandic artist Sigga Björg Sigurðardóttir created images and animated stop-motion-esque visuals that look like ancient cave paintings to go with. The video depicts three small figures each showing the Eye of Providence, or all seeing eye. The images shown in white paint and transform into pictures of one legged mounting climbing a larger mountain. The smaller mountain is accompanied by speech bubbles that spew cryptic symbols, question marks and images—it’s a meta conversation between mountain and mountain.

There is a hand-held key inside the mountain that is indicative of something needing to be unlocked and something to be seen in the mountain. The visuals create an interesting parallel to the lyrics of the song, turning symbolism into something more tangible as the mountains become a face, with sharp teeth and multiple scattered eyes. As the song ends, the camera zooms into the being and freezes on a single eye. Sigga is known for creating a indistinguishable dichotomy of good and evil imagery, which stands out with the mystical and borderline creepy imagery. The video compliments Sigur Rós’ ethereal sounds and brings you to another, more mystical reality. “Rafstraumur,” is off Sigur Rós’ Kveikur available on iTunes. Pick up a copy, and check out the video above.