Cada semana te traemos nuestro Video de la Semana, a series that highlights the best in Latin music. Get ready, porque esto es lo mejor de lo mejor!

With a sweet demeanor and a killer sway, Calma Carmona first charmed audiences at the now-defunct Café Seda in Old San Juan in 2007. She’s grown a lot since those days and managed to craft a live sound that’s as powerful as it is unique, making her music organic-–with a thumping hip-hop beat—and her stage presence magnetic. She’s so good, in fact, that Beyoncé chose her to open her show a month ago in San Juan – and in case you haven’t noticed, we like Beyoncé here.

Carmona’s There’s No Other Girl is simple, but it gets it right, keeps you connected to what’s important: a singer, her band, a room, and the audience (that’s you). It’s a testament to her fire that Carmona keeps you riveted as she belts the chorus and winds her way through the verses. If you need special effect and choreography, this isn’t for you, but if you want to see a singer really feel the music, look no further.