• NFL Players Share Their Favorite Celebration Dancers

    What would a big play be with out a little celebration? Well, it would still be great but nothing compares to a five to 10 second dance by an NFL player. It gets the team riled up for the next play and the crowd hyped. There’s nothing better than watching Victor Cruz catch a TD pass and then bust out the signature salsa dance as the crowd copies. We love it. The fans love it. We caught up with several NFL players to get insight on who their favorite celebration dancers presently in the NFL. Click through the list above and prepare for some interesting answers. You may be surprised. Question: Who has the best celebration dance in the game?
  • Steve Johnson, Buffalo Bills

    “I do of course”
  • Jonathan Stewart, Carolina Panthers

    “Victor Cruz”
  • DeMarco Murray, Dallas Cowboys

    “Dez Bryant”
  • Matthew Stafford, Detroit Lions

    “This is a tough one. I like guys that mix it up and come with something different every time."
  • Jamaal Charles, Kansas City Chiefs

    “If I don't count myself....I would have to say Von Miller. He's always coming up with new and unique dances when he gets to the quarterback.”
  • Jerod Mayo, New England Patriots

    “I like Ridley's...It puts you inside the celebration the way he draws the door.”
  • David Wilson, New York Giants

    “My teammate Victor Cruz”
  • Darren McFadden, Oakland Raiders

    “Even though he's not currently in the league Ray Lewis had a good celebration dance. He had a unique way of pumping of his fans and his team.”