Cada mes te traemos lo mejor del cine Latino. So get your popcorn ready and get ready to feast on these hits!

Ponchao, una nueva película de la República Dominicana, te hará reír, llorar y reír otra vez! Como dice Manny Pérez, quien tiene el papel del protagonista, “si el guión de la película tuviera sabor, sería sopa de pollo.”

Ponchao tells the story of Alex Ramirez, a baseball player from the Dominican Republic who has dreamt of playing for the big leagues since he was a child. But getting to the top isn’t as easy as simply wanting it, as Alex takes a couple of stumbles that jeopardize his chances of making it (for one, his name isn’t legally Alex). Yet luckily for us, his struggles are both inspiring and hilarious to watch. Aléx moonwalks, gangnam styles and pitches the season of his life. Watch the trailer and see for yourself.