• NFL Players Share Their Wildest Fan Experiences

    They aren’t on the field, but fans play an important role of hyping up the home team and raising the intensity of the game. Through rain, sleet and snow they fill up the stands, some dressed in crazy outfits and the others in jerseys of their favorite players. If you’re an NFL player you have to love the fans but sometimes their love back can make for a wild memorable interaction. We caught up with several NFL players to gain insight on the wildest fan experience of their career. You’re in for some interesting stories. Enjoy! Question: What is the wildest fan experience you've had during your career?
  • Steve Johnson, Buffalo Bills

    “The Bills fans every single week. They are very passionate about their football, their team. When you win they love you, when you lose, the love is a little tougher. But they take a lot of pride in their team and give it everything on game days in supporting us.”
  • Jonathan Stewart, Carolina Panthers

    “Rookie year when we won the Division Championship against the Saints. Our fans were packed in our stadium as we got off the buses coming back from Louisiana.”
  • DeMarco Murray, Dallas Cowboys

  • Matthew Stafford, Detroit Lions

    “I can’t really point towards one instance that stood out as crazy. The Lions are fortunate that we have the greatest fans in the NFL. Playing at Georgia and traveling around for SEC games, some of the stadiums would get extremely loud. When we played the Bears in Detroit on Monday night a few years ago, the energy at Ford Field was second to none.”
  • Jamaal Charles, Kansas City Chiefs

    “I once had a fan that asked me to sign his baby son's leg. At first I thought he was joking...but then realized he was serious. So I did it. Hopefully that baby has taken a bath since then.”
  • Jerod Mayo, New England Patriots

    “Nothing too crazy, but some lady asked me to sign her baby. This was an infant and I wouldn't do it. Not healthy for the child.”
  • Darren McFadden, Oakland Raiders

    “I would have to say my wildest fan experience was when I scored a touchdown and jumped into the stands and the fans wouldn't let me go. That was crazy.”