• Pepsi Pulse Life With Style Holiday Gift Guide

    The Pepsi Pulse Life With Style Holiday is chock full of affordable, creative and fun items to give to your friends and family. These are the gifts that will have them remembering you for years to come--well at least until next holiday season. From fashion essentials to brand new tech products that'll keep your loved-ones savvy, this guide will arm the people in your life with everything they need to live for now. In the spirit of the holiday, we've also included some gifts with a cause. Don't just gift your fam’, contribute to causes worth fighting for at the same time. Click through the thumbnails above to check out all the goodies in the Pepsi Pulse Life With Style Holiday Gift Guide.
  • Adidas x Opening Ceremony Big Sur Rock Leggings

    Adidas Big Sur Rock Leggings represent courage and a fun lifestyle for women. With these on any women can feel like she's ready to do it all and be hip all at the same time. Check them out at Opening Ceremony.
  • 1FaceWatch

    1FaceWatch brings you fashion and technology in one present. To make it even better, they do it for a cause. Pepsi is proud to introduce a brand that is aligned to the same causes they are and encourage you to purchase one or all of the colors sold at 1FaceWatch. Check them out at 1FaceWatch.
  • Eastland Yarmouth Limited Editions

    Eastland Shoes has always been known for their boots made for rugged, cold adventures. In recent years they've grown to cater to your warm holiday getaways with these boat shoes for both men and women. They’re colorful, fun and memorable–just like Pepsi.   Check them out at Eastland.
  • Baldwin Denim Flannel Shirt and Camo Pants

    Baldwin Denim has styles for both men and women. We bring to you their men’s plaid button down known as The William and The Andi Camouflage pants for women. We love staples. Three things that are always in? Plaid anything, camo anything, and Pepsi anything! Check out Baldwin Denim.
  • AHAlife Spinnerette Turntable

    AHAlife Spinnerette Turntable has funk and soul just like Pepsi Pulse. Now you can play your own tunes with this old school meets new school turntable! Check out AHAlife here.
  • In God We Trust Men's Chinos

    In God We Trust has these pretty rad rustic cotton pants for men. This item is not just affordable, it allows you to go from day to night, dress it up or down. And guess what? Pepsi Pulse is an all year round lifestyle–so we get it! Check out In God We Trust.
  • Native Union CLIC Wooden iPhone Case

    Native Union CLIC Wooden iPhone case is fashion meets technology at its best. It seems like everyone has an iPhone these days, Native Union allows you to differentiate yourself from the rest. When you put on your party dress or suit, don't forget to dress up your iPhone this holiday season! Check out Native Union.
  • Duluth Laptop Case

    Iron & Resin carries this Red Duluth Laptop case that's a must-have for the holiday season. Who doesn’t have a laptop these days? We're all in need of a cool bag that protects it. Duluth created the perfect combination that has all the fashionistas and tech folks alike swarming. Check it out at Iron & Resin
  • Lemon Legwear Mukluks

    Lemon Legwear mukluks are the most comfortable and warm slippers you can own these days: awesome for your dorm at school or to cozy up at home. Check out Lemon Legwear.
  • Krochet Kids Intl.

    Krochet Kids Intl. Agatha beanie in the mustard color brings you the perfect combo of brightness and warmth, they're perfect for the holidays.  What makes this item even sweeter is that Krochet Kids is a non–profit, and every product they make is signed by the person who actually created it.  Check out Krochet Kids intl. 
  • Richer Poorer Socks

    It's all about a popping sock. Let’s face it, most guys don’t actually buy themselves flashy socks, but are always ready and willing to rock them when they have the chance. Help the guys in your life out with a fun pair from Richer-Poorer. Check out the sock selection at Richer Poorer.
  • Tigertree Andy Warhol Pencil Collection

    Tigertree brings to you the Andy Warhol pencil collection. Just looking at them makes you get creative, imagining owning a set!  Price is unbeatable. Check out Tigertree.
  • Pepsi Tote, Coasters and Nail Polish Collection

    Last but certainly not least, Pepsi Shop brings you all the essential blue flare you need with the awesome Vintage Tote, Cork Coasters, and Pepsi nail polish. Looking for a manicure that pops? Look no further. For life with style hit the Pepsi Shop Today!