• The Ten Best Songs to Skydive To
  • 1 The Ten Best Songs to Skydive To
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  • The Ten Best Songs to Skydive To

    What would it take to get you to go skydiving? There probably aren't a ton of things that could convince a person to jump out of a plane. Music has the power to make us courageous, take chances, and do crazy things with gusto!  It might sound wild, but by the end of the right soundtrack we think anyone can get over their fear of heights. Here are ten songs that would be the perfect soundtrack to jumping out of a plane.
  • 1. Red Hot Chili Peppers, Higher Ground

    From the moment the slinky bassline and driving guitar kicks in you’ll be inspired to get up and move. No strangers to blood-pumping anthems, the Chili Peppers put their own spin on the Stevie Wonder classic, complete with rousing choir vocals on the chorus. Extra points go to you if you know which ‘90s superhero-based movie this song was featured in.
  • 2. Avicii, Levels

    Avicii’s signature hit is like a shot of adrenaline to your senses, no matter what the occasion may be. There’s something about a pulsing synthesizer line that just hits you. This dancefloor filler will make you want to trade in your boring office desk and outdated business suit for a jumpsuit and a gust of wind to the face.
  • 3. A Flock of Seagulls, I Ran (So Far)

    One of the catchiest, and more bizarre pop hits of all time, “I Ran” is an example of a song being inspiring, even when you don’t know what the message is. Its driving beat and science fiction-style lyrics are the perfect accompaniment to your leap! Be warned, however, your hair may end up looking like lead singer Mike Score once you reach the ground.
  • 4. Imagine Dragons, Radioactive

    This Las Vegas quartet makes living in a post-apocalyptic future world sound pretty damn enticing with their now-ubiquitous anthem. Combining pop sensibilities with a dubstep touch, “Radioactive” will get you pumped while leaving enough breathing space for the impending experience to truly dawn on you.
  • 5. Van Halen, Jump

    From the name itself to that legendary keyboard sound, Van Halen’s classic single is simply inspiring. Since it’s release in 1984 it has been getting people from all walks of life psyched up for everything from going to the gym to acing that final school exam. Note: Skintight red leather jumpsuit is optional.
  • 6. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Can’t Hold Us

    Even before Macklemore comes in with his blue-collar rhymes you feel like you are ready to conquer anything. The song perfectly captures the joys of accomplishment and freedom, while the marching-band-meets-gospel-choir backing gives you that feeling like you’ve got an 808 in your heartbeat.
  • 7. New Radicals, You Get What You Give

    Few songs create a feeling of optimism like this slice of late ‘90s gold. Even if are having the baddest of bad hair days, or maybe something a little more dramatic, you would be hard-pressed to not be moved by the message and pure positivity this pop oddity exudes.
  • 8. Eminem, Berzerk

    Dating back to when Run-DMC first kicked doors down with Aerosmith, the union of hip-hop and rock has brought us many adrenaline-pumping anthems. In the modern rap-rock collaboration to end all others, Slim Shady hooks up with the godfather himself, Rick Rubin, to get your party started. While his cheeky wordplay remains as sharp as ever, you can tell Em is having the most fun of his career, which leaves you with a warm fuzzy feeling.
  • 9. Kanye West and Lupe Fiasco, Touch the Sky

    “On top of the world baby,” says Kanyeezy on his triumphant 2006 hit. You can’t help but feel exactly the same when putting this one on. Taking Curtis Mayfield’s inspirational original “Move on Up” and updating it for the hip-hop generation, the superstar talks about his humble beginnings and makes you feel like you can go sky high if you work hard enough.
  • 10. Icona Pop, I Love It

    Have you ever felt like just saying goodbye to negativity and embracing life to the fullest? Good thing this lovable Swedish duo is here to help, with one of the more unique and empowering pop anthems in recent times. Check it out here.