Cada mes te traemos lo mejor del cine Latino. So get your popcorn ready and get excited to feast on these hits! This month’s pick is “Grey City” by Brazilian filmmakers Marcelo Mesquita & Guilherme Valiengo.


The lineup of Latino documentaries is just as rich and varied as that of Latino films. But, what separates the two is the deep history of a city, country and even continent that comes across in unexpected ways in every documentary. Take Grey City, for example, a doc about how graffiti artists in Brazil fought back against the government’s attempt to criminalize their art.

On the streets of São Paulo, Brazil a new form of graffiti was born. Like wildfire, the works of artists like Os Gêmeos, Nunca and Nina spread through the streets of the city, and then to art galleries and museums around the world. But when a new law against visual pollution threatens to destroy their work, the artists unleash a graffiti war against the local government, giving birth to one of the most creative resistance movements in Latin American art. This movie embodies the power of creative expression to create a movement that is fueled by the people and for the people.