Every week we feature our favorite Latino Tumblrs, Vines & Pinterests on everything from artists, culture and fashion. Check out our picks this week:

@gbrillon - Instagram

Gina Brillon is a comedic mastermind and her talent is taking her beyond the stage – the Puerto Rican funny gal is the first Latina comedian to win a stand-up deal with NBC. Brillon has been featured on Comedy Central as well, meaning she has serious street cred. Take a look at her Instagram or look up Youtube videos of her for some serious laughs.

Mexiculture - tumblr

Ever heard of a Mexican figure or holiday but had no idea who they were or what they meant? This tumblr is here to illuminate your mind on everything from Frida Kahlo and Día de los Muertos to more obscure figures like photographer Ulises Castellanos.

MoLAA - Pinterest

The Museum of Contemporary Latin American Art has one of the most visually stimulating Pinterest profiles – featuring art from the best contemporary artists from Latin America. Works from the likes of  Colombian Fernando Botero to the Mexican Gabriel Orozco can be found here, in addition to their physical space in Long Beach, CA. Get ready to get inspired!