In honor of his #MusicMondays, Justin Bieber dropped “Bad Day,” a song with a new R&B and soulful vibe with a very instrumentally driven sound. With strong guitar chords and a soft melody, Bieber’s voice brings a raw tone in comparison to some of his other pop hits. While we can’t be sure, it’s possible he’s pouring his heart out to ex, Selena Gomez, admitting surprisingly how he couldn’t imagine a love as deep as theirs to cause him so much pain.

He was “out of line” but never expected her to leave, he didn’t “think it was over” until he was left with no goodbye and no hope. I’m sure this left the Biebs having a bad day, hence the title. Bieber explains, when you’re in love you will fight for anything. The “bad day” is when you are finally faced with the realization that you can’t work through it, it’s over. We are getting more realness from the pop star with growing anticipation for what’s to come off his new album—this definitely isn’t a bad day for Beliebers.