Cada semana te traemos lo mejor del film Latino, so get your popcorn ready and get excited to feast on these hits! This week’s Trailer of the Week pick is “Nothing Like The Holidays” by Mexican filmmaker Alfredo de Villa.


Looking for a Holiday-themed movie to watch with your family this week? Then look no further than the drama-comedy, “Nothing Like The Holidays,” which is almost like the Latino “Love, Actually.”

When members of a Puerto Rican family in Chicago’s Humbolt Park neighborhood get together for Christmas, it’s not just any old family gathering, especially when the dad is played by Alfred Molina. With their parents threatening to leave each other, five siblings stop focusing on their own issues and start fighting for the chance to keep their family together.

But don’t let the dramatic story fool you, this movie is full of funny moments. For one, family time is definitely not a walk in the park for Mauricio (John Leguizamo), whose wife Sarah (Debra Messing) is constantly questioned as to why she’s not yet pregnant. Yet Sarah, who can barely speak a word of Spanish, is completely impervious to what everyone’s saying to her. Along the way, they learn to let each other in, falling in love all over again with the thing they all share – family.