We paired up with the awesome people at Baeble Music to bring you an exclusive live performance of Cults’ “High Road.” Lead singer Madeline Follin looks ‘90s chic in a short sleeved leopard print dress and thick black tights. The band sounds amazing, accompanying Follin’s fairy-like vocals.

The exclusive session took place when the band headed across the East River, to perform “High Road” off their second album, Static. Playing over a theatre-set inspired backdrop of big colored light bulbs, patterned rugs, wooden planks, hanging chairs and purple lighting, it feels like you might as well be on set with them.

Cults formed back in 2010 and gained serious recognition after releasing their self-titled debut EP. The band released a video for “Go Outside” off the EP with Emma Roberts and James Franco's little brother, Dave Franco. More recently, the band's been collaborating with the incredible Jim Jarmusch for some of the music in his upcoming film. This month the duo heads out on tour in support of The Pixies. 

Get a first hand, exclusive look at the band’s performance of "High Road" above and click here for a full listing of tour dates