• The Most Memorable National Anthem Performances at the Super Bowl

    Singing the National Anthem is one of the most prestigious honors and biggest challenges out there for any vocalist. Singing America’s national anthem at the Super Bowl is a different game--no pun intended. We say it all began with Whitney Houston’s unforgettable game-changing performance at Super Bowl XXV. Throughout the years, many have tried but only a few artists have done it quite like Whitney. It takes a true artist to give a masterful performance that leaves viewers with shivers in their spines, tears in their eyes and goosebumps on their arms, all before the game starts. To honor these elite artists, here are the Most Memorable Super Bowl National Anthem performances of all time.
  • Jennifer Hudson, Super Bowl XLIII

    Jennifer Hudson is known for her powerful voice and she certainly had it on display at Super Bowl XLIII. She gave the Tampa crowd a powerful, heart-felt rendition of the national anthem. If you recall, Hudson was still suffering from the tragic loss of her mother, her brother, and 7-year old nephew at the time. The emotion built up inside, her passion, and incredible vocal ability combined to create one of the best emotional national anthem performances ever.
  • Kelly Clarkson, Super Bowl XLVI

    Kelly Clarkson did America proud with her performance at Super Bowl XLVI. Accompanied by a children’s choir, a patriotic snare-drum added a special unique element to her rendition. She stuck to the roots of the anthem and didn't go crazy with the falsetto on every word. She hit every mark perfectly. Sometimes simple really is better and Clarkson shows it.
  • Faith Hill, Super Bowl XXIV

    Like Clarkson, Faith Hill’s rendition of the national anthem is simple but powerful. Performing alongside a band of snare-drums, Hill’s performance is heart-felt and riddled with emotion. Just look at her face. She hit her pitches perfectly and her wide range left everyone in attendance at awe. The flawless country crossover star will always have a spot on this list.
  • Alicia Keys, Super Bowl XLVII

    Alicia Keys is undoubtedly one of the best belters in music today and as expected her rendition of the national anthem was nothing less than powerful, moving, and also innovative. Incorporating a piano, Keys gave us a unique jazzy rendition that caught everyone by surprise. It also was recorded as one of the longest national anthem performance at the Super Bowl coming in around 2 minutes and 15 seconds. Keys set the bar high for creativity of the classic anthem and we can’t wait to see how future artists will put their own spin on it.
  • Whitney Houston, Super Bowl XXV

    Whitney Houston set the bar extremely high for all national anthem performances. This is likely the greatest national anthem performance of all time. Players, fans, and viewers didn't see it coming going into Super Bowl XXV. She made the national anthem what is today by setting the standard for greatness. She made it her own and thankfully this little thing called YouTube lets us all relive the experience over and over again. Bring on the goosebumps!