• The Pepsi Pulse Big Game Buyer's Guide

    Hyped for The NFL Super Bowl XLVIII? Whether you’re a Broncos fan, a Seahawks fan, or just in it for the football we’ve got the ultimate buyer's guide to keep you fresh. If you’re going to the big game you’re going to need the right gear to stay warm. If you’re watching from home you’ll still need the perfect outfit—comfy enough to jump up and celebrate a touchdown. Not sure what’s required to do the Super Bowl in style? Click through the thumbnails above, we got you.
  • New Era Rain, Sleet or Hail Mary and Super Bowl XLVIII Cap

  • New Era Super Bowl XLVIII Pom Knits

    New Era's got these exclusive pom knits on deck that make sure to keep you nice and warm and stay fashionable. Cold in the stands? No problem! Check out New Era on Twitter.
  • Super Bowl XLVIII Blankets by Northwest Company

  • Starter Super Bowl XLVIII Jacket

    Get ready to get your hands on this exclusive Starter jacket. This screams retro and must-have now at the same time. Limited ya’ll! Check out Starter on Facebook.
  • Pepsi Shop Vintage Picks

    Last but not least, we present to you Pepsi merchandise that is fun, quirky and perfect to wear, serve refreshments in and decorate your pad with.  That’s right, we got your covered from hospitality to interior design to your gear. Don’t miss out! Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1b5OY31
  • Pepsi Shop Vintage Glasses

  • Pepsi 1987 Can Phone Case

  • Pepsi Black Zip-Up Hoodie

    Trying to stay neutral as these two teams battle it out? This black Pepsi zip-up is the perfect sporty piece to get the message across that you're only in it for the football. Pick one up at the Pepsi shop.