• Girls Just Want To Have Fun: The Best Electro-Pop Songs To Dance To

    While pop music has always been the ideal genre for singing in the mirror with a hairbrush microphone, electro-pop makes it all the more danceable. And no disrespect to the guys--but the ladies seem to have both the genre, and the mirror-dancing skills on lock. To soundtrack your next bedroom performance, here are six of the best electronic-pop dance songs out right now.
  • "Slow Down" - Selena Gomez

    "Slow Down" is the second single from Selena Gomez' debut solo album Stars Dance. Although the song's lyrics suggest taking things slow in a relationship, the fast-paced dance track produced by The Cataracs ("Like A G6) is pulsing and up-tempo. The track makes you want to do anything but slow down. So don't!
  • "Neon Lights" - Demi Lovato

    Demi Lovato's "Neon Lights" is a ready-made club hit. The electro-pop track is a welcome break from the X Factor judge's usual mainstream sound. The video is complete with black-lit glowing make up and accessories. Demi hits a rave equipped with glowing lips, eyes, hair and nails. The song shares a name with Demi's world tour, which kicks off this Sunday!
  • "Miss Movin' On" - Fifth Harmony

    After their X Factor success, it's no surprise that Fifth Harmony will be hitting the charts with pop-empowering anthems like "Miss Moving On." The song emphasizes coming alive after a break up with its strong, soulful chorus that instantly makes you want to move (on).
  • "Overdose" - Little Daylight

    New to scene pop band, Little Daylight is hitting hard with their new song and video, "Overdose." The song's pulsating beat flows along with your "heart beating faster." The shimmering synths and whispering then roaring lyrics keep you entranced and on your toes throughout the entire song. Okay okay, it's not strictly ladies--but we felt like it was danceable enough to make the list!
  • "You're Not The One" - Sky Ferreira

    Sky Ferreira becomes a modern-day Blondie with her latest hit "You're Not The One". The unbelievably catchy song features hypnotic rhythms and a wholesome pop lyrics about a night of chasing after love. The colorful, strobe lit, club-set video inspires a night of dancing and solo searching for "the one" with a "lust for life."