• This or That: Deap Vally

    Lindsey Troy and Julie Edwards, better known as Deap Vally, are two big haired, fringe adorned, heart-shaped sunglass-wearing rocker chicks straight out of Los Angeles. Lead vocalist and guitarist, Lindsey Troy started out as a solo artist before teaming up with Edwards. The girls met at a knitting class, ironically and have been consummating their love through music (and knitting) ever since.

    Drummer, Julie Edwards actually owns a spot in LA called The Little Knittery, although she’s said she wants to be a therapist or a comedian before turning all out rockstar. Their hit single, “Gonna Make My Own Money” preaches the lifestyle of being strong, independent women. Stylewise, they put Penny Lane to shame. Love children at heart, their music breeds positivity and calls on the golden age of rock ‘n’ roll. Festival performances at Glastonbury, Bonnaroo, Splendour in the Grass, and Coachella complemented tours in North America and Europe. We sat down with the girls to ask some tough questions about music festivals, crowd surfing and alien takeovers. Click through the list above to get to know them.


    Pick up a copy of their last album Sistrionix on iTunes.

  • "Obviously the Valley"

    Valley or Westside?

    Obviously, the Valley.

    In-n-Out or Pressed Juicery?

    Pressed juices.

    Knit a scarf or hit the mall?

    Oh, I think knit a scarf!

    Princess Leia or Cleopatra?

  • "Twerk"

    Square dance or twerk? Twerk. Led Zeppelin or Janis Joplin? Led Zeppelin. Sequins or Studs? Sequins!
  • "Coachella"

    Coachella or Burning Man?


    Bare feet or high heels?

    Bare feet all the way.

    Cartoons or soap operas?


    Standing ovation or crowd surfing?

    Crowd surfing.

  • "Totally alien takeover"

    Robot takeover or alien takeover?

    Totally alien takeover.

    Underdogs or topdogs?


    Almost Famous or Dazed and Confused?

    Dazed and Confused!
  • "Definitely Hemingway"

    On a free night, reading Hemingway or watching Scream?

    Definitely Hemingway.

    Girl power or star power?

    Star power.