• Spring 2014 Style Trendology

    Fashion is at an exciting point in history. We see so many amazing collections by designers year after year. We get hyped over the fearless models that work the runways, and most importantly we get to know the latest trends. For 2014 we're seeing electrifying trends both familiar and new, and all of them can be incorporated into your wardrobe.

    We compiled a list detailing the trends we love from various collections. For women and men, plaid is making yet another comeback. And luxe sweatpants, seen in both Sergio Davila and Band of Outsiders’ collections, are a great new trend to rock. Our list also features looks from Rebecca Minkoff, Tia Cibani, and A Détacher. So get familiar with some of the hottest fashion trends from this talented batch of designers.

  • Rebecca Minkoff–Plaids, Metallics, and Fanny Packs

    Known for her chic handbags and celeb clientele. Rebecca Minkoff gave us a play on fabrics combining light-weight chiffons with heavy wools. Plaid was a repeated pattern, and there were several-metallic pieces. One standout accessory that we loved was the fanny pack. You could probably fit a Pepsi can in it pretty perfectly, just saying.
  • A Détacher–Plaid, Tweed, and Contrasting Fabrics

    A Détacher is a clothing line from Polish-designer Monika Kowalska. She is passionate about the construction of clothing, and we saw just that on the runway. Take a look at how she contrasted light-weight fabrics with heavy-weight fabrics, as well as perforated-mesh bottoms and shiny silks. Tweed was popular and plaid was again incorporated.
  • Tia Cibani–Pleating, Cropped Sweaters, and Silk Vs. Wool

    Tia Cibani is an internationally renowned designer, whose work has been featured in Vogue Italia and Women’s Wear Daily. She makes quite the statement with fierce hats, pleated garments, and cropped sweaters. She also used flower-patterned silk in various looks. The silk and wool combinations gave the collection elegance and warmth.
  • Harare–Chunky Knits, Geometric Prints, and Pleated Dresses

    Harare is a womenswear line from New-York-based designer, Caroline Fuss. We loved the chunky knitwear and pleated dresses from Fuss’ recent collection. There were gorgeous-geometric prints and plaid patterns, yet again. And finally, a lot of green and red hues giving the collection an overall feminine-cozy feel.
  • Sergio Davila–Gold Accessories, Plaid, and Luxe Sweatpants

    Sergio Davila is another New-York-based designer, who has established himself in the fashion scene. His 2014-menswear collection combined simplistic looks with killer-gold accessories. There were multiple-plaid pieces and luxe sweatpants, that looked ultra-hip paired with accessories or killer-moto jackets.
  • Band of Outsiders–Luxe Sweatpants, Earth Tones, and Plaid