• 10 Music Documentaries That Don’t Exist But Should
  • 1 10 Music Documentaries That Don’t Exist But Should
  • 2 10 Music Documentaries That Don’t Exist But Should
  • 3 10 Music Documentaries That Don’t Exist But Should
  • 4 10 Music Documentaries That Don’t Exist But Should
  • 5 10 Music Documentaries That Don’t Exist But Should
  • 6 10 Music Documentaries That Don’t Exist But Should
  • 7 10 Music Documentaries That Don’t Exist But Should
  • 8 10 Music Documentaries That Don’t Exist But Should
  • 9 10 Music Documentaries That Don’t Exist But Should
  • 10 10 Music Documentaries That Don’t Exist But Should
  • 10 Music Documentaries That Don't Exist But Should

    There are some artists we love to watch, but always want more of. We gain so much from getting the inside scoop on our favorite musicians, from what they like to do to what inspires them.

    Nothing can give us a deep sense of perspective like a feature film on an artist’s life and work. What they do everyday, how they record music, how they interact with each other — it’s the ultimate way to really know your band, and if anything, build a stronger connection to the featured artist. Katy Perry’s Part Of Me taught us to never give up on our dreams. We saw the humanity behind the popstar in Bieber’s Never Say Never, and we learned about Fela Kuti’s role as a political hero and champion of human rights in Music Is The Weapon.

    Based on knowledge we have about their personal lives, accomplishments, backgrounds and personalities, we came up with a group of artists worthy of their own documentaries. Click through the thumbnails above to see who made the cut. (Pun intended.)

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  • 1. Arcade Fire

    The Arcade Fire made a name for themselves for their creativity, difference, slight weirdness and overall amazing ability to create a spectacle. From their music videos to performances, Arcade Fire is always over the top. Frontman Win Butler is more or less a creative genius, a and the talent, and range of personas in the rest of the band make them prime candidates for the documentary treatment. We want to know everything going on behind the scenes!
  • 2. Lady Antebellum

    Hillary Scott, Charles Kelley, and Dave Haywood, better known as Lady Antebellum, have been owning country music since they first hit in 2006. With seven Grammy awards and four nominations, it's no question that Lady Antebellum is one of the most respected and listened to bands in country music. Whether its the story of their friendship, or a look into the creative process that landed them where they are today, there’s no question many fans would go nuts over a Lady Antebellum documentary.
  • 3. Lorde

    Ella Maria Lani Yelich-O'Connor, better known as Lorde, hit the pop scene his year with her chart topping hit "Royals." Unlike a lot of budding pop artists we see, Lorde puts a message driven by passion behind every lyric, performance and interview. This 17-year-old hailing from New Zealand is a model example for young women to look up to. We want to know more about this powerful Irish and Croatian singing sensation and bet we’re not the only ones!
  • 4. Hunter Hayes

    At just 22, Hunter Hayes already holds a place as one of the biggest names in country. Getting his first taste of success at the age of 5, singing alongside Hank Williams, and playing ten different instruments mean there's got to be a lot more to find out about the young heartthrob. There’s inspiration and motivation behind a story like Hunter’s that the world deserves to know about.
  • 5. Austin Mahone

    Austin Mahone gained attention by posting videos of himself singing on YouTube, and his success boomed once he got some exposure. His fan base that puts Beliebers to shame, Mahomies are dedicated. Growing up in Texas, Mahone's father died when he was two leaving him to be raised by a single mother. Never holding back, Mahone pushed towards success despite being faced with some difficult challenges. From his charity work to his care for his fans, there is a lot to be revealed about Austin Mahone.
  • 6. Childish Gambino

    Donald McKinley Glover, aka Childish Gambino, is an actor, writer, comedian, and rapper. Currently, we think Glover is one of the most underrated artists in hip-hop, a position that usually means an artist is poised to explode. He wrote for 30 Rock, got a role on NBC's Community, making one the less-than-likely leap from comedian to rapper. After some deeply personal interviews, it’s no secret Glover struggles with depression and loneliness. With the release of a new album and more to come, his complexity and openness makes Gambino a compelling candidate to be the subject of a film.
  • 7. Timbaland

    Few hold the iconic influence and stature on the same level as Timbaland. Producer, songwriter, rapper: Timbaland is the genius behind some of todays biggest hip-hop and R&B hits. Getting his start in 1996 with Ginuwine…The Bachelor, Aaliyah's One in a Million, and Missy Elliott's Supa Dupa Fly, Timbaland ceases to slow down, producing album after album. Ever the man behind the scenes, we’re desperate for a peek behind the (studio) curtain.
  • 8. Willow Smith

    The daughter of the Fresh Prince himself, 13-year-old Willow Smith has more personality than most adults we know. With her crazy outfits, huge fan base, ridiculous music videos or simply, her beyond-her-years attitude, there is something special about this budding artist. She launched her music career in 2010 with "Whip My Hair" and is officially being mentored by Jay Z under Roc Nation. Apart from that, Willow never ceases to wow audiences with her inspiring and often times, bizarre antics. There is more to her than singing and dancing, and we want to see it.
  • 9. Sky Ferreira

    21-year-old Sky Ferreira is anything but your typical pop star. With an edge that reminds you punk still exists, and a sound that brings the ‘80s back to life, Sky Ferreira is an underrated sensation. Pushing her way to fame through MySpace, this L.A. native has never given up, despite her struggle in the industry. She has spoken out about being taken seriously as an artist and the difficulty faced with getting her music out there, it’s an amazement that Night Time, My Time, was successfully released. There are few who have a backstory as mysteriously enticing as Ferriera, and we want to see more.
  • 10. Kanye West

    How has there not been a documentary made about Kanye West? From calling out Taylor Swift, to claiming our ex-President doesn't like black people, exposing his crazy on interviews, the whole Yeezus promotional canon, what goes on in the mind of Kanye West? Better yet, who isn't asking themselves that question? With his new child, relationship with reality star Kim Kardashian, and recent outbursts and rants, he may be the most-interesting artist in the game right now. Seriously though, how has no one made this happen yet? DONDA?

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