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Vine TV Review: Location, Location, Location

A few months ago we pioneered a brave and slightly scary new concept in cultural journalism: the Vine TV Review. We've decided to bring it back and focused our iPhone lens on the reality TV mainstay: Location, Location, Location.

Last night, Phil and Kirstie took couple Andy and Rosie (who wanted to start a new life in Devon), and Maria (who wanted to live by a river) on a dash around the UK.

For some reason spiral staircases were a huge part of the show. Firstly, Andy and Rosie marvelled at this beauty, while Maria and her dog Edward fell in love with the one below and Phil made a very strange sound.

That was Maria's funniest/strangest moment, and the real focus of last night's show was the dynamic between hesitant Andy and super-keen Rosie, who were at odds over a potential home. But firstly, they needed to find a PROPER HOUSE.

Andy loved this pink house but Rosie put the kibosh on it, she then laid out here housing buying manifesto.

Andy's fake enthusiasm for this fairly straight-forward proposal was plain for all to see.

Then Kirstie delivered a gender-relations bombshell, which - in fairness - would prove prophetic.

Of course, Andy caved in and used his fake-enthusiasm face again and started babbling about the "fantastic light" they would get in their new home. They didn't actually get the house and ended up moving into a much nicer one down the road. I didn't actually capture that as I managed to knock over some orange squash and had to clean it up.

Maria came out with some pearlers throughout the show (her comments about a 'mega wow factor' were especially impressive), but it was her relationship with her dog Edward which really turned heads.

That was it. No-one actually ended up buying a house that was recommended by Phil or Kirstie, which is the usual outcome of Location, Location, Location. Until next Vine!

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The messed up world of opening pitches

Morning! As dawn broke over Guardian Towers news came through of an opening pitch (for those no au fait read: baseball chuck) which was almost as bad as 50 Cent's effort the other day. The culprit, taciturn crime fighter: Robocop.

Yes, this is an embarrassing effort from Robocop but it's hardly a scratch on some previous toe-curlers. Look out for the T-Rex in this all-time top ten pitching cock-ups. It really is something to behold as he stumbles up like a drunk student on a Carnage tour and then brings new meaning to the phrase "off target".

And just for old-times' sake, here's Curtis's throw and Diana Ross's penalty from World Cup 1994 because it's still amazing.

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