Extraordinary singer / songwriter / producer Janelle Monáe knows a thing or two about heroes. Drawing inspiration from her mother and grandmother, studying the life of Nelson Mandela and collaborating with Prince and Erykah Badu, she has always found her personal and professional heroes to be her North stars. An uncompromising talent, Monáe’s passion, perseverance and will to fight for her goals make her take on David Bowie’s iconic song “Heroes” the perfect choice as the lead single from Pepsi® Beats of the Beautiful Game.

The project is the first-ever global visual album to capture the vibrancy and spirit of the internationally beloved game of football — and this track is the perfect introduction to that concept. In Monáe’s hands, “Heroes” represents a celebration of the global game and all the passion, color, and excitement that comes with it.

Many of today’s greatest football players started out watching their own heroes master the pitch. These heroes – both the musical and athletic kind – reflect the unflinching dedication, commitment and sacrifice of professionals who’ve reached the pinnacles in their fields. And like the athletes, Monáe is certainly there. A six-time GRAMMY nominee, hailed as an R&B innovator, she’s expanded the genre to include classical, pop, funk and soul sounds. She’s magically captured all those genres in her fresh take on “Heroes,” while adding the inspiration of athletic competition and victory.

As a perfect complement to the the song, the “Heroes,” filmtrack is a vision of hope, determination and spirit. Like the courageous misfits who find it within themselves to choose bravery instead of fear, this story represents the hero that exists in each and every one of us. Directed by the creative collective Young Astronauts, it is the first film track from Pepsi Beats of the Beautiful Game.

Watch it above and pre-order your copy of Pepsi® Beats of the Beautiful Game on iTunes.

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