• Synched Up: A Playlist to Soundtrack The Perfect Day

    In 2014 you're only a phone, some earbuds and a few clicks of a button away from literally being able to create and listen to the soundtrack of your life, as you live it.

    But finding that perfect song for that perfect moment is easier said than done. That's where our new series Synched Up comes in. Our friends over at DJBooth.net suggest five songs to help get you through some of the hallmark moments of your day. Since not all days are created equal—a summer afternoon in L.A. calls for much different music than a winter night in New York City—we'll provide playlists for every combination of location, mood and situation we can think of.

    Today, we’ll be trying to soundtrack your perfect day. You know, that day when there’s magically no traffic and your crush smiles back at you and the planets align and you just can’t lose, no matter what you do. It happens rarely, maybe just a couple times a year if you’re lucky. But when it does, these are the songs to go with it.

  • Waking Up

    Banks "Are You That Somebody"

    Here's the thing about a perfect day. It doesn't immediately announce itself with triumphant horns and loudspeakers. In fact, if that was the first thing you heard in the morning, you'd probably be heated. Instead, the first song of a perfect day merely suggests at the greatness to come, it eases you into the morning and puts you in the right space to receive everything the next 24 hours have to offer.

    So if you roll out of bed and the first song that comes on shuffle is not just "Are You That Somebody," but a breathtakingly perfect cover of Aaliyah's classic by rising singer star Banks, what other sign do you need that you're not in store for your usual day? Click play above and start getting ready for something truly remarkable.

  • Getting Out of the House

    Naughty Boy ft. Emeli Sandé "Lifted"

    Your drive to work was incredibly easy. There was almost no traffic, and when there was, other drivers seemed to roll out the red carpet for you. You're about to pull into the parking lot for work, smiling for reasons you can't even quite articulate, and then "Lifted" comes on. Producer Naughty Boy lays down an infectious melody, but it's really Emeli Sandé's soaring vocals that have you feeling like a superhero.

    You know what...you decide to call in sick, call your best friends and convince them to take the day off too. This day is too perfect to waste on anything but doing exactly what you want with the people you want to spend time with. You're going for it.

  • That Certain Someone

    Charles Bradley "Lovin You Baby"

    Incredibly, it worked. For the first time in you can't even remember how long, you're with all of your best friends. And while it's actually noon on a Tuesday, it feels like Saturday night. Lunch near the beach has turned into an afternoon swim session, and that's when they show up. You know, that certain someone you've been thinking of asking out forever, but haven't quite worked up the courage. Charles Bradley's "Lovin You Baby" is what gives you the extra courage to make the ask. It's your day, and they say yes. Dinner plans are made.

    And while Bradley may sound like classic soul, in fact he released his first album just three years ago at the age of 62, making him one of the most heartwarming stories in music. It's the  perfect accompaniment to that fluttering you're feeling in your chest right now. Go with it.

  • Night Out

    Janelle Monáe "Tightrope"

    You and your friends found the best secret club in town. It's not the usual power-tripping bouncer, silk shirt situation. This is the kind of club people go to when they care more about dancing and having a good time than looking cool. When the DJ throws on Janelle Monáe's "Tightrope" the place erupts. It might be one of the best "Come on, even people who don't dance can't help but dance to this song" songs ever made. Before long you're right in the mix. You can't remember the last time you truly forgot about everything and had this much straight-up fun. In fact, maybe you've never had this much straight-up fun.

  • Going To Bed

    Laying in bed reflecting on the day, it's clear the last 24 hours felt like an entire year. You know that when you wake up tomorrow it will be back to the daily grind, but for now, you're going to simply relax and enjoy every last moment. Judging solely by their name, Of Monsters & Men may not seem like the band to wind down to, but trust us. Their blend of bluegrass and anthemic rock is the perfect elixir to ease you into sleep with a smile on your face. It doesn't get any better than this.

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