• Sibling Style Teams You Should Know

    Sibling relationships can be tricky. On the spectrum between unconditional love and straight up rivalry, family businesses fall in that impressive middle ground. In the fashion world, there's a rising trend in which siblings join forces to make up some of the coolest young brands today. Creative siblings are turning their fashion expertise into full-fledged business ventures. From designing clothes to fashion blogging, they're making it easy to draw the line from genes to jeans (and sweaters, dresses, accessories and more.)

    From New York-based designers, Cindy Vargas and Christian Candamil’s creative lifestyle brand Candamill, to the edgy and mod designs of LA-based designers, Brandon and Sarah Scott of Scott x Scott, these sibling duos show that a knack for fashion runs in the family.

    We topped off our list with sisterly bloggers, Natalie and Dylana Suarez, and designer twins Dee & Ricky who released a collection with Starter Black Label in January.

    We had the chance to sit down with these dynamic design teams, and get an inside scope on what it’s like to run a major fashion label with your own sibling. Learn more about our favorite sibling-style teams by clicking through the list above.

  • Cindy Vargas-Candamil and Christian Candamil of Candamill

    Where are you two originally from?

    Our family is Colombian, we were raised in New York.

    You current gallery/showroom is beautiful, how did you discover this space?

    Our studio is located in the former Pfizer pharmaceuticals headquarters, we came across the space unexpectedly.

    Are you planning to expand the line to men's as well?

    Absolutely, I don't think there's anything we don't want to design.

    How does art play a role in your brand?

    We started off the company as art dealers and curators. We're heavily involved in helping other artists and provide a free residency for them at our Brooklyn studio. It's a great source of inspiration for us.

    What locations would you want to see Candamill sold in?

    We receive a lot of orders from Japan and would love to see Candamill grow internationally.

    What do you have in the works for Candamill?

    We are expanding our accessories collection with new styles and custom hardware, in the future we want to open a Candamill Boutique and Gallery.
  • Brandon and Sarah Scott of Scott x Scott

    How was Scott x Scott born?

    The brand originally started out as two separate brands: B:SCOTT and Sarah Scott. B:SCOTT launched in 2008 and Sarah Scott launched in 2011. Last year we decided it made more sense to merge the two brands into a singular lifestyle company encompassing men’s, women’s, accessories, and all of our private labels.

    Where is your place of residency today? Do you see yourself designing from somewhere else in the world?

    For now, Downtown Los Angeles is the perfect place to be. We are close to all our factories, sewers, and mills we work with everyday. The ultimate dream would be to have a house in multiple countries and just travel the world designing clothes.

    How would you describe the aesthetic of your clothing?

    Contemporary, elevated streetwear. Our styles are more edgy, bold, and suited for a strong personality that is comfortable in urban city environment.

    Are you planning to expand the line?

    Yes, we have a bespoke accessories line called One of One that’s handmade to order in Los Angeles. We also do private label for a number of people where we design and manufacture for retailers like Urban Outfitters, Levi’s, SSUR, and Revolve just to name a few.

    What do you have in the works for Scott x Scott?

    Our goal is to not only be known for our own lines but to be one of the first private label production houses in the country that makes 100 percent American made goods for all levels of production — from mass market to bespoke.

  • Natalie and Dylana Suarez

    Tell us about your blogs and what they encapsulate?

    D: My blog encapsulates everything that I love about fashion, but taking that and throwing it into all the real life experiences I have…friends, life in NYC, traveling, the stories I read, the music I listen to, etc.

    N: I like to capture everything in a very editorial way. Whether it be traveling for fashion week, or a visit to a designer's studio.

    What’s some advice you have for the youth that wants to break into the fashion industry as bloggers?

    N: To just stay real, and true to who you are. A blog is about being personal and it's supposed to be organic…that's how blogs even began. You can really tell when someone starts their blog out of passion and art.

    What’s the hardest thing you find about being in this industry?

    D: I think the pressures to keep up the industry and the trends that are thrown our way. As a blogger, it’s very easy to fall into the trap of what others want us to wear, or feeling like we should be wearing something even though it might not exactly be us.

    What do you have planned in the near future?

    D: I think photography is definitely next up on the plan, as well as getting back into styling more full-time.

    N: Music for sure. Dylana is also this incredible, beyond belief, amazing singer. We grew up with a passion for music and I never want that to go away.
  • Dee & Ricky

    What has visually inspired you throughout your childhood to pursue fashion?

    Dee: I would say Jordan sneakers, Nike definitely inspired me. We kinda fell into fashion, and my grandma just being around her because she was a seamstress. She made me want to sew and design.

    How did the Starter collab come about?

    Ricky: The Starter collab came about from our homie James Ling, we knew him from back in the day. He worked with a lot of brands. My other boy, Foreman and I recently saw each other on a plane and then he told us he’s working with Starter. He brought us aboard because he’s familiar with our work.

    D: But a few years back we took a bunch of Starter jackets, vintage ones, from my friend’s office and did a collaboration with him. We took the jackets and cut them up into duffel bags (by hand). Bloomingdales and Barney’s carried them. So Starter hit us up a few months ago and wanted to revisit the idea so we brought it back.

    What elements inspired the Starter collection?

    D & R : Our lives as being similar to these games. Just dominoes and chess, high horse, card games.

    What celebrities do you see rocking your designs and gets you hyped?

    R: Flo Rida, Rihanna, Kanye just wore some of our stuff — that got me hyped.

    What's next on your frontier?

    D: Right now we’re working with Converse, to do some stuff. We’re Brand Ambassadors.

    R: On our new e-commerce website, we’re revamping it. We’re sampling and designing-strictly our designs. Should be live by September 2014.

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