"I think everybody, at some point, is at a crossroads,” says Vincent Dery, one half of the duo Nico & Vinz whose Top 5, multi-platinum single “Am I Wrong,” encourages people to make decisions based on their own dreams. “The logical theory would be to go this way, but my heart really tells me that is the way I should go to be happy,” he explains.

Two Afro-Norweigan artists sitting at the top of the Billboard charts isn’t a feat that happens everyday. We paired up with Nico & Vinz to create a music video documenting their arrival in the U.S. as their massive song continues to dominate the airwaves and charts around the work. It hit #1 in the UK last week, making them the first Norweigan Act to hold the top spot in the UK in almost three decades. We followed the pair as they arrived in New York City for a slew of radio and TV appearances, massive performances, intimate recording sessions, and impromptu NYC- firsts meetings fans and taking in the city.

"It’s never been about making hits. It’s never been about getting money. It’s never been about being able to stand in clubs and be VIP,” says Nico. We sat down with them to discuss their goals, the meaning behind the song, and the driving creative force for the world’s next massive musical act. “We’re all about making good music singing about things we feel about, we feel in particular moments." 

Check out the behind-the-scenes video above, watch the Official U.S. music video for “Am I Wrong?” here.

Purchase “Am I Wrong,” on iTunes here.