• MTV VMAs 2014: What the Red Carpet Stars Are Saying

    The red carpet at the VMAs isn’t like every other red carpet event in Hollywood. In fact, this year the VMAs weren’t in Hollywood at all! The velvet carpet was laid out in front of the legendary Forum in Inglewood, California and stars stopped to chat about their favorite music, take selfies with fans, and goof off with fellow artists before the show.

    We caught up with people like Jennifer Lopez and Nick Jonas to chat before the big event. Click through the thumbnails above to get the news from the red carpet.

  • Jennifer Lopez On her “Booty” Remix Featuring Iggy Azalea

    “It’s funny. It was a song that Chris Brown wrote for me. Pitbull’s on the original on the album, but then I was thinking, ‘Who would be a good remix for this?’ and I thought, ‘Oh my god, Iggy and I would be great on this together.’ So we did it. Stay tuned.”
  • Nick Jonas on Jhene Aiko and Custom Playlists

    “I’ve been really getting into alternative ways to listen to music, streaming services and stuff like that, sort of create a playlist of music that suits my interest.  It’s somewhere in the mix of Jhene Aiko and The Weeknd. Jhene’s stuff is great, all of it.”
  • Fashion Designer Jeremy Scott on Album of the Year

    “My favorite album this year was Miley’s. I listened to it over and over and over. The summer prior it had been Lana’s. Ariana is really getting me though, one after another, it’s like hit, hit, hit, hit, and I love pure pop music like that.”
  • DJ Mustard on Sam Smith

    “Looking forward to everybody’s performances. I really want to see Sam Smith. I listen to everybody’s music. I’m earing for everyone out here.”
  • DJ Cassidy on His Favorite VMA Moment of All Time

    “Arsenio Hall hosting in his purple ensemble from Radio City. I think it was like ’89. He has this Jack Nicholson from Batman Joker purple outfit. Arsenio should host it again.”