Vagrant RecordsFrontman Alex Ebert has revealed that Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeroes have begun to plan out their next release, which he says will be very different from their latest album, Here.

"The next album is far more rambunctious," Ebert tells  "It has a lot of songs that are represented by a musically adventuresome sort of feel, where the songs dive off to the left and then come back around the other side of the lobe and meet back up with themselves.  We've been playing some of these songs live lately, and it's a blast to have this roller coaster ride within the songs."

Ebert added that the upcoming album probably will consist of “a bunch of B-sides” culled from some of the several dozen tracks that were recorded during the Here sessions.  He expects the new album to arrive in stores in March of 2013.

The singer also noted that he’s working on a graphic novel about the story of Edward Sharpe, “a messianic figure who struggles with earthly distractions,” which he hopes to adapt into a feature film.

"There's no timetable," he explains.  "I want to get the idea all down on paper.  I'm not sure I'll base [the movie] off the novel, but some ideas came from that, particularly his sort of superpowers, which I think are really sort of awesome and fun and would be really empowering, musically."

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