Facebook.com/ASAPRockyA$AP Rocky says he doesn't collaborate with just anybody, but when it came to Rihanna, the Harlem native didn't hesitate to spit a verse for her "Cockiness" remix. 

"It was dope because I got to do me. I don't really like collab'ing with too many artists because a lot of BS come with it... labels get involved," A$AP tells ABC News Radio.  But when Rihanna reached out, A$AP says he was happy to add his touch to her Talk That Talk single. 

"I love when artists just work as artists, and as a artist, I like what she represents," A$AP explains.  Rih-Rih has accomplished a lot, A$AP says, and on top of that she has a "bad girl mentality" that he can appreciate.  Not caring about what other people think is something that the pair have in common, and A$AP says that sharing that quality with Rihanna made him feel like he could take the "no holds barred" approach to rhyming on her raunchy track.

The pair's performance at this year's MTV Video Music Awards was one that viewers kept talking about.  Not only did A$AP kiss Rih on the neck, but he upped the drama when he grabbed her butt, too.

"I didn't realize how hard, how crazy and aggressive it looked on... camera but like, to me, it was just regular.  We was chillin'," A$AP tells ABC News Radio. 

After they left the stage A$AP says that he and Rihanna laughed about how their exchange must have looked.  "It looked really, like, dramatic on camera and I guess people hyped it up to be, like, more dramatic than it really was but it was cool," he says.

When A$AP is on stage during his LONGLIVEA$AP tour, his style is a little different.  "For the most part, it is turned up but, you know, I think I'm groovy and stuff.  So, I get into my whole little groovy mode where I start singing and stuff," he says laughing.  "It's kind of dope." 

A Thursday night show in A$AP's hometown, New York City, sold out, and so have his concerts in Los Angeles and Toronto.  For those who get a chance to check out an A$AP show, he says there will be some "surprises."  The tour wraps up in November, and you can check out the full schedule on A$AP's official website.

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