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If you don’t know about Gaby Moreno, you need to know about her now. So rarely do truly special artists appear, and Gaby is rare and she is here. It’s hard to put her in a box, but she generally shines through the blues, soul and jazz. In Spanish, and English.

A native from Guatemala, Gaby Moreno moved to the United States to pursue her dream in music when she was only 19, and found a second home in Los Angeles, where she quickly became a local fan-favorite.

A stellar duet with fellow countryman Ricardo Arjona propelled Gaby into the Spanish pop stratosphere and now, with the release of her new album, “Postales,” she is sure poised for another success. “Ave que Emigra,” the first single, displays the depth and beauty of her songwriting, and the strong and vulnerable quality of her voice, which make this a uniquely wonderful album.

We were fortunate to chat with Gaby and learn so much about her influences, her motivations, her sense of country.

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