• Five Invaluable Pieces of Advice From Ke$ha
  • 1 Five Invaluable Pieces of Advice From Ke$ha
  • 2 Five Invaluable Pieces of Advice From Ke$ha
  • 3 Five Invaluable Pieces of Advice From Ke$ha
  • 4 Five Invaluable Pieces of Advice From Ke$ha
  • 5 Five Invaluable Pieces of Advice From Ke$ha
  • Five Invaluable Pieces of Advice From Ke$ha

    When it comes to breaking into the pop industry, no one demonstrated a more unique path to success then pop star and glitter fanatic, Ke$ha. She has broken into Prince’s house and hosted Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie for an episode of The Simple Life—and that was all before “Right Round” landed her on radio stations around the globe.

    After studying her inspiring journey to "TikToK," fame, we gleaned five glittery pieces of wisdom that could be incorporated into your own rise to stardom (at your own risk, of course).

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  • 1. Get creative when handing out your demo CD.

    Before she struck gold as the female vocalist on Flo Rida’s “Right Round,” Ke$ha had no boundaries when it came to getting her demo CD into the right hands. At one point, she was so set on Prince producing her first album that she paid his gardener $5 to let her slip by the front gate and into his house in Los Angeles. She had just enough time to drop a demo CD wrapped in a huge purple bow in front of Prince himself before his security hauled her out.

    For the record, Prince didn’t produce her album. But hey, she probably got some song-writing material out of the experience.

  • 2. Star in an episode of a reality TV show.

    Even though it wasn’t directly related to her subsequent pop career, Ke$ha rubbed elbows with celebrities even before she dropped out of high school. In 2005, Ke$ha’s family played host to Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie during an episode of The Simple Life where the pair tried to act as wedding planners for a local Nashville couple. Ke$ha’s mom responded to an ad looking for an “eccentric family” to host The Simple Life stars, and, surprisingly, their family beat out all the competition.

    Although Paris Hilton didn’t have enough clout in the pop industry to help further Ke$ha’s glittery, musical aspirations at the time (anyone remember “Stars Are Blind?”), she did give Ke$ha her first taste of life in the public eye. Perhaps the two could get back together and collaborate now that Paris is about to release a new album.

  • 3. Set aside a very, very large budget exclusively for glitter.

    Early on in reaching pop stardom, she revealed to Vanity Fair that she spends a couple thousand dollars a month on glitter. While that might seem like an exorbitant sum to most people, she deemed it a necessary expense to reach her serious goal of covering the world in glitter.

    But that’s not all. She also told Jimmy Kimmel recently that she employed a full-time glitter guy to make sure she is constantly covered in glitter. The man, named Santa, douses her in baby oil (for extra sticking power) then showers her in the sparkly stuff every day, because she knows just how disappointing it would be for her fans if she was ever caught un-glittered.

  • 4. Have a beard obsession.

    Or if not with beards, then with something equally random and entertaining. Ke$ha can’t get enough of beards and she doesn’t care who knows it. She even went so far as to create a Tumblr account dedicated to showcasing the greatest, hairiest beards out there. And, if you go to one of her concerts sporting a particularly impressive beard, there’s a good chance she’ll pick you out of the crowd. Maybe she’ll even blog about you.

  • 5. Get your sibling to film your life for an MTV documentary.

    The sibling part is key, because that makes the subject feel more comfortable in front of the cameras—as demonstrated by Ke$ha and her recently aired MTV reality show, My Crazy Beautiful Life. Her brother, Lagan, followed her around for two+ years during the making and promotion of her second album, Warrior, and the whole saga is available for public viewing. Highlights from the filming included a search for love that produced a short-lived relationship with “Baby Spoon,” a feud with Perez Hilton over leaked photos, and a radical fitness regimen that had her drinking her own urine.