• Pop Albums We Want to Hear in 2014

    Imagine if Britney, Beyonce and Pink got together again. Pop music has seen some mind-numbingly amazing collaborations and releases throughout history. The new year brings more than a fresh start and some promising resolutions. It’s time to get excited about what might happen in music in 2014. With the unpredictability of the music industry, you never know what’s possible.

    While we might not know exactly what's on the bill, we have some dream collaborations and anticipated comebacks we're dying to see pop music in 2014. Get ready for a mix of our pop predictions, wildest dreams and honest expectations for 2014.

  • Ariana Grande and Mariah Carey Duet

    Although Ariana Grande just dropped her chart topping debut album Yours Truly in 2013, it looks like this pop sensation isn't hesitating to show us what she's got. The artist is supposedly back in the studio working on her next album already. According to Rolling Stone, Grande wants this album to be an "evolution" instead of an extension of Yours Truly, she's ready to get experimental with her sound. Considering the pint-size, post-Nickelodeon singer is more or less a five-foot version Mariah Carey, could you imagine the whistle register hitting harmonies that could be produced by this mommy-and-me-like pair? Grande's been covering Carey's classic hits on her YouTube page for years and has been compared to Mimi ever since she hit the scene—according to Grande, the comparison is the "biggest compliment in the world." If diva Mariah would be interested in a collab, fans would go wild.

  • Ashanti and Ja Rule

    Ashanti basically dominated the music scene in the early 2000s with her debut album, Ashanti and her chart topping hit, "Foolish." It's been almost six years since we've heard new music from the R&B goddess, but it looks like she's ready to drop a new album for the new year. Her fifth studio album, BraveHeart--due out February 18 is going to be chock full of collaborations with the likes of Dr. Dre, Meek Mill, Busta Rhymes, French Montana and more. But, what could complete the album more than some more Ja Rule collabs (remember "Always On Time" and "Mesmerize?") Ashanti mentioned that nothing is finalized, but there is potential for a collab with the Murder Inc. rapper.

  • Lana Del Rey New Album

    The past few years have been exciting for Lana Del Rey. With the explosive success of her second album, Born To Die, reaching No. 1 in over 10 countries, a music video with ASAP Rocky, and Tropico, her visually mesmerizing short film, it’s hard to believe she's ready to drop a third studio album. Ultraviolence or possibly stylized as Ultra Violence is adapted from the Burgess/Kubrick classic A Clockwork Orange. The main characters wreak havoc in a dystopian society, engaging in nighttime fun referred to as "a bit of ultra-violence." Could this mean the album will emulate themes from Clockwork? We can't wait to see. The album is supposedly ready for release in March.

  • Adele to Release Her Third Studio Album

    It's confirmed Adele is working on her new album, but details are being kept as top secret as possible. The tiny tidbits of info are enough to get any Adele fan excited. The British singer is said to be collaborating with OneRepublic songwriter and producer, Ryan Tedder. When asked about the album, Tedder says "she sounds better than ever" (as if that's possible,) but offers up nothing more. It's been about two years since 21, Adele's second studio album. The artist took a break after having her baby, Angelo, but is ready to make fans cry tears of joy once again with her heartwarming vocals.

  • Janet Jackson and Rihanna Collaboration

    Few artists hold the iconic recognition that Janet Jackson does. With 10 studio albums and classic hits like "That's the Way Love Goes," "Bad," "Feedback," and many, many more, she's an icon like no other. Unfortunately for anyone with ears, Jackson retired from music and—as unlikely a possibility as this is—a Janet Jackson and Rihanna collaboration might cause the world to implode. With both of their powerful voices, attention-commanding moves and drive to make hit after hit, the possibilities are endless. This is one collab that is definitely on our wish list for 2014.

  • No Doubt New Album

    There is no doubt (ha) that No Doubt has dominated the pop rock music scene since they released their debut, self titled album No Doubt in 1992. For the past 20 years, the band's racked up six albums and 20+ singles. Guitarist, Tom Dumont, spoke out on Twitter earlier in 2013 to tell fans the band was going on hiatus. But, rumors have circulated around the Internet that it's a ploy, No Doubt is really back and ready to make an album that's true to their roots. If that's true, they're keeping the new album as low-key as they can. Supposedly there are already eight songs but, the album is still in the early stages. It may be a while before we see this new album but definitely worth the wait.

  • JoJo Comeback

    Joanna Levesque, a.k.a JoJo, hit the pop scene in the early 2000s with hits like "Too Little, Too Late" and "Leave (Get Out)" and has been keeping fans waiting for more ever since. Its been way too long since JoJo's last album, The High Road (released in 2006). After fighting with her label for years, which explains her lack of presence in the music scene, she signed with Atlantic. Okay JoJo! We're ready for a release that speaks to the power and originality that we know you're capable of.

  • Spice Girls and Miley Cyrus

    It's up to you to decide whether Miley really is the new queen of pop music. With her sequins and puff balls and crying kittens, Miley has been wowing audiences performance after performance. Her colorful antics, crazy costumes and wild dancers leave little to be desired. But, add five more matured and talented pop icon originators, The Spice Girls to the pixie cut twerker, and the possibilities are endless. Imagine a stage performance with Miley style dancing mushrooms and metallic midgets plus a Baby Spice, a Posh Spice, a Ginger Spice, a Scary Spice and a Sporty Spice. The Spice Girls haven't released an album since 2000, but you never know what the future holds.

  • Blondie

    It's been a couple years since we've heard new music from Deborah Harry, lead singer of Blondie. The iconic pop rocker dropped "Sugar On The Side" and "A Rose By Any Other Name" earlier this year, giving us a small taste of what's to come from the tenth studio album Ghost of Download. The album was set to be released in November 2013, but is being pushed back and set to release sometime in early 2014. Harry is almost 70 years old and still making awesome music. The album is even said to have an EDM collab with Hector Fonseca, the producer who has turned hits by Beyonce and Eminem in to remixed dance tracks. The title and album represent the ghosts in the background of electricity and data.

  • Madonna and Lorde Collab

    No matter what anyone says, Madonna is long standing queen of pop for a multitude of reasons. Beyond being a No. 1 artist for the past 30 years and releasing 12 amazing albums to date, Madonna is an icon for female empowerment and pop stardom. New to the scene, barely legal Lorde is nowhere near Madonna-status but has a sense of empowerment that is respectable and notable. With her fearless opinions, Lorde does not hesitate to vocalize how she feels about women in the music industry today. She brings something to the table that is evocative of Madonna-power in the ‘80s. Imagine the creative genius that could come from a collaboration with the two?

  • Josie and the Pussy Cats

    Even though Josie and the Pussy Cats was never a real band, the adoration for the classic Archie comic, TV cartoon and 2001 movie make that irrelevant. The "band’s" motion picture soundtrack went certified gold, selling over 500,000 copies indicating that regardless of their real life presence, fans love the music. Their bubblegum pop sound is something that is virtually unheard of nowadays and missed by the hearts of angsty tweens. Almost 13 years later, wouldn't it be amazing to see the idea of Josie and the Pussycats turned into a real life band, with kitty ears, fuzzy tails and pink metallic guitars in real life?