Photo: Nela KoenigJohn Fogerty has signed a deal with Little, Brown and Company to publish an autobiography that's expected to hit shelves in 2014.  In the as-yet-untitled book, the former Creedence Clearwater Revival frontman will delve into the history and music of his famed roots-rock group, and also will discuss the conflicts that that led to the band's breakup, as well as the subsequent battle for ownership of the songs he created.

In addition, the memoir will cover Fogerty's temporary withdrawal from the music business, and how his wife, Julie, helped inspire him to return to performing and recording again.

"I want to tell the story of how I fought -- hard -- to maintain my artistic integrity in the face of opposing forces," says Fogerty in a statement.  "My story will share the ups and downs and how it all affected me.  The road back was a bumpy one, and I knew that it would take years to come out of it, but I did."

The singer/guitarist adds, "I have come to a place where I can look back and reflect on those stories and share what really happened.  I am the guy who lived it, and you will hear me tell the story for the first time."

The autobiography also will include information of Fogerty's forthcoming studio effort, Wrote a Song for Everyone, which features collaborations with Bob Seger, Foo Fighters, Kid Rock and country stars Brad Paisley and Keith Urban, among others.

An audio version of the book read by Fogerty will be available at the same time the hardcover edition is published.

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