Ask the average pop star where they think they'll be in ten years, and they'll probably tell you "on tour" or "on top of the charts." But Ke$ha imagines she'll be on top...of a tree.

Yu Tsai/RCA RecordsIn an interview with the British paper The Sun, Ke$ha is asked where she sees herself in ten years' time.  "In a tree house in the jungle," she replies. "I?m thinking about building one at home actually with a zip wire into the pool."  Asked what she'd be if she wasn't a musician, she says, "A homeless person, living on a beach, naked."

Ke$ha also discusses her upcoming book, My Crazy Beautiful Life, which is due in stores next week.  "It?s a memoir but it?s like a photo book," she explains. "There?s pictures on almost every page. I wanted to tell the real story from me, show people the pictures that have never been seen by anybody else." 

So what kind of pictures are we talking about?  "I?ve gone all out and bared all," she claims. "There?s baby photos, photos of ex-boyfriends, and me waiting tables. There?s pics of me making out with exes...This book is for my fans. Me with no make-up on, the real s***. It recounts my whole life."

As for her upcoming album Warrior, due December 4, Ke$ha says it's "magic, raw [and] fun."

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