Frazer Harrison/Getty Images via ABCAsk, and you shall receive.  That's what happened to a 12-year-old Canadian girl who decided to reach out to LMFAO and ask if they would help her save the polar bear: they said yes.

The Canadian paper The Record reports that pre-teen Paige Genier, who lives in a northern Ontario town of 5,000 called Cochrane, became upset when she found out that polar bears are in danger from so-called "trophy hunters" from the U.S. who pay up to $50,000 to fly to Canada to shoot the animals.  Paige and her friends got the town council to approve of her idea of a Polar Bear Awareness Week -- not difficult, since a polar bear is the town mascot -- and then they hatched their plan to ask LMFAO for help.

Paige and her pals first caught LMFAO's attention when they showed up at the MuchMusic Video Awards in Toronto wearing the duo's signature "shufflebot" cardboard heads with slogans written on them.  Then, over the summer, Paige sent a request to the duo, asking for their help in raising awareness of the polar bear problem.  To her surprise, she got a call back from Redfoo's mom, Nancy Leiviska, aka Momfoo, who told the paper, "My son just thinks [Paige] is amazing.  He didn't even believe she was 12 years old because of her ability to communicate...and she's so focused."

Redfoo then sent a video message to Paige earlier this month pledging his support, and telling her he can't wait to meet her "very soon."  "Can't wait to hear your thoughts on changing the world," he said.  "We can figure out how to make things happen.  We'll have a meeting of the minds."

Leiviska says she hopes that she can arrange for Paige and Redfoo to talk via telephone to firm up his visit, which will take place next spring.

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