Jesse and Joy Huerta, the Mexican sibling pop duo that scored several wins at November's Latin Grammy Awards, including record of the year and song of the year, reportedly are going their separate ways, at least temporarily.

The Mexican press has been stirring this pot for a while, hinting darkly at long-standing causes for the alleged family feud. But according to a story in the Mexico City daily newspaper El Universal, the parting is pretty amicable and is primarily for professional rather than personal reasons -- although the paper suggests there may have been some tension over who gets to keep the Latin Grammy statuettes in his or her home.

The brother and sister reportedly are planning to pursue new projects, and not only artistic ones. According to the newspaper, Jesse dreams of a career in professional soccer -- go figure -- while Joy yearns to make documentaries about animals.

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"I always have loved animals, and they offered me to participate in a documentary type program where they show many species in their habitats," Joy was quoted as saying.

Addressing their fans via the media, the siblings appeared eager to quash further speculation about the reasons behind the split. Their parting advice? "Don't believe everything you see on television or that you read."

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