• Janine and the Mixtape Lays Out Ten Kiwi Artists To Know

    Janine and the Mixtape dropped her Dark Mind EP earlier this year, making a name for herself as a serious triple threat. She’s a songwriter, performer, instrumentalist and all-around talent. Her marble smooth voice is smoky with soul and an edge that comes as a pleasant surprise from such a down-to-earth, gentle soul. Check out her acoustic rendition of “Hold Me” above to get the picture. She recently relocated from New Zealand to Brooklyn, so we got curious about the artists from her native land that inspired her to do what she does. "I'm very proud to come from the New Zealand music scene. There is so much talent and such humbleness along with it. This list is an eclectic mix of songs from today... and lot of days ago. A bit of culture, a bit of party, a bit of soul and a bit of history." We see where she gets it from! Click through the list below to discover Ten New Zealand Artists To Know, hand-picked by Janine and the Mixtape.
  • David Dallas (feat Freddie Gibbs) - "Caught in a Daze"

    I listened to his album The Rose Tint before heading to New York for the first time and ended up cranking it through my trip. For me, this album related to the dream of coming from New Zealand and taking it to New York, a place very far from home. This track features Freddie Gibbs.
  • Get Well Soon - "Hold On"

    This is from Josh Fountains first solo EP. It is full of the most moving and honest break up songs. This song is beautiful.
  • Kimbra- "Two Way Street"

    Kimbra has always been an inspiration. She is one of the best live performers I have seen. This half-time version of “Two Way Street” is so good.
  • P-Money Ft. Aarandhna, Talib Kweli - "Celebration Flow"

    Aarandhna and P-Money are another couple of lovely people making a name for themselves in the U.S. This song is great. It features Talib Kweli...and I made it into the video.
  • Watercolours - "Night Swimmer"

    This song is stunning. The chorus is perfect.
  • Cavell - "I Need You"

    Another Kiwi artist with a beautiful voice. He produced this track too. I love it.
  • Young Sid Ft. Stan Walker - "Stuck in a Box"

    Young Sid is an amazing writer who paints an honest and vivid picture of what life is like in South Auckland, particularly with youth and gang issues. This track features Stan Walker who has an incredible voice also.
  • Bic Runga - "Sway"

    This song is magical. Simple and beautiful from 1997.
  • Flight Of The Conchords - "Foux Du Fa Fa"

    Just hilarious.
  • Maisey Rika - "Tangaroa Whakamautai"

    Maisey has one of the most incredibly beautiful and soulful voices. Something about her whole soul resonates through her music. This song is performed in Maori.
  • OMC - "How Bizzarre"

    A little bit of history from NZ in 1996.