• Who To See at Lollapalooza Brazil
  • 1 Who To See at Lollapalooza Brazil
  • 2 Who To See at Lollapalooza Brazil
  • 3 Who To See at Lollapalooza Brazil
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  • Who To See At Lollapalooza Brazil

    The second annual Lollapalooza Brazil takes place on March 29, 30 and 31. Some amazing headliners including Pearl Jam, The Black Keys and Deadmau5 are set to hit the stage, but there are a ton of ground-breaking artists to discover for the first time too. Here is Pepsi’s guide to Who To See at Lollapalooza Brazil!
  • 1. Vivendo do Ócio

    Brazilian indie-rock band Vivendo do Ócio blends the sounds of classic rock and roll artists like The Beatles and The Stones with edgier American rock bands like The Hives and The Strokes. Dedicated to living in leisure, the band grew out of the feeling that sometimes the best ideas come from a lazy Sunday hanging with friends. Grab a few of yours and hit their show at Lollapalooza Brazil.
  • 2. Alabama Shakes

    Lead singer Brittany Howard has a howl like Janis Joplin, and her motley crew of band members accent it perfectly with their tight, blue grassy rock and roll sound. And yes, they really are from Alabama!
  • 3. Technostalgia with DJ Marky and Bid

    DJ Marky is famed for his skills as a mixer and master of electronic sounds. The technostalgia project applies his knowledge to live instrumental bands. It’s like watching a maestro direct five orchestras at once.
  • 4. Criolo

    Brazilian rapper and soul singer, Criolo broke onto the international scene in the past few years after releasing his smash hit album Nó na Orelha. Known for his poetic lyricism and smooth singing voice, this pillar of Brazilian Hip Hop is not to be missed.
  • 5. Wehbba

    Wehbba is one of the most famous and active DJ/Producers in Brazil. The São Paolo-born artist has been churning out every different variety of techno and house music to different crowds all over the world for over a decade. He’s an essential element of what the electronic music scene in Brazil looks like, so open your eyes and get ready to move.