• Need To Know Now: Beats By Dre
  • 1 Need To Know Now: Beats By Dre
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  • Need To Know Now: Beats By Dre

    At this point in his career Dr. Dre is one of the most well-respected people in the music world. He’s an originator of early hip-hop, one of the most incredible and credited producers of the past thirty years, and has worked with Eminem, Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent and more. What better way to share those skills with music listeners than being with them through every second of each song? That’s exactly what he did with Beats by Dre. Beats are the cool-colored, bold, smooth statement headphones that every music head rocks. But, Beats goes far beyond headphones. In the past five years Beats has come to dominate the headphone and speaker industry in a number of ways. Back in 2008, Dre and Jimmy Iovine collaborated to come up with the headphones, earbuds and speakers. According to Interscope head, Iovine “Beats is just us knowing sound and what a good product is.” Since then, Beats has become a staple of today’s youth. While wearable technology is all the rage right now, Beats broke boundaries between gadgets and fashion years ago. Designers like Alexander Wang and Staple Design made iconic collaborations. From the efficient, foldable design to the matte black and gold finishing, Beats delivers both aesthetically and sonically. The company has come a long way since the start in 2008, let’s take a look at some things you probably didn’t know Beats was doing.
  • 1. Beats Music Will Be The New Wave of Music Streaming

    Dre and Iovine have taken Beats to the next level with the release of Beats Music. Beatsmusic.com allows you to buy a subscription that (unlike other music streaming sites) gives you full access to the newest and coolest tracks as soon as they’re available. Unlike Spotify, Beats Music has full albums and new releases immediately available for you to listen to. One you subscribe you get no ads, no skips and no constrictions. The creators want to “bring an emotional connection back to the act of music discovery.” The site has personalized playlists and is geared toward the listener that wants more out of their music experience. Some of the coolest features include playlists based on what you're doing, like "chilling out," The Sentence, a feature that lets you search based on your mood and the emphasis on human curation over algorithms. Its too soon to tell, but could this site really beat out competitors? Will listeners be willing to pay when streaming sites like iTunes radio are already free? We will wait and see.
  • 2. Beats Sound System In Your Car

    As if having Beats auditory perfection straight into your ears wasn’t enough, your car’s sound system can have the same quality. Beats teamed up with Chrysler to feature Beats-branded speakers directly in your vehicle. The first car to feature the state of the art system was the Chrysler 200S, with a 10-speaker system put throughout the car. Now, the same system is available for other Chrysler models, Fiats and Dodge. According to the creators themselves, “just like everything Dre touches, [the system] is tuned to sonic perfection,” you don’t just hear the music — you feel it. The Beats logo can be found detailed inside the car doors and trunk. Will this become the norm for new car models? Are installing expensive sound systems a thing of the past? Lets see if Beats expands to other car companies.
  • 3. Beats Audio Can Be Found In Your Cellphone And Computer

    Beyond headphones, Beats technology can be found in your computer and phone speakers. Beats Audio actually teamed up with HP and HTC, allowing the computers and smartphones to have the same powerful, crisp Beat sound as the speakers. The set comes with an equalizer and a preset for optimizing higher quality sound output. You definitely can’t do this with an smartphone or laptop. Speakers blowing out and volume dying can be the most annoying and expensive part of computer maintenance. Beats are raising the stakes for sound quality, finally.
  • 4. Beats Incorporated To Your Speakers

    By downloading the Beats Music app, you can connect your phone or device with Sonos speakers. You can pretty much use your smartphone as a controller and a music selector that’s hooked up with your home speaker system. Download the app and you basically have a wireless controller with an endless supply of music. This is specific to Sonos speakers right now, but could this become a universal app that can connect to any speaker? Wishful thinking.
  • 5. Beats Pills and Headphones Are In Just About Every Music Video

    Basically every Beat product has been featured in some of the hottest music videos produced from the past five years. Whether it artists like Robin Thicke, Skylar Grey, Eminem, Miley Cyrus or Lady Gaga, a pill, a bud, a beautifully shaped “b” can be spotted on an ear somewhere. Artists, sport stars and celebrities alike seem to all love their Beats. Its pretty clear that Beats are the primary choice for musicians.