• Synched Up: Songs To Soundtrack A Polar Vortex

    In 2014 you're only a phone, some earbuds and a few clicks of a button away from literally being able to create and listen to the soundtrack of your life, as you live it.

    But finding that perfect song for that perfect moment is easier said than done. That's where our new series "Synched" comes in. We'll suggest five songs to help get you through some of the hallmark moments of your day, and since not all days are created equal — a summer afternoon in L.A. calls for much different music than a winter night in New York City — we'll provide playlists for every combination of location, mood and situation we can think of.

    Case in point, right now it's cold outside. We're talking coffee freezes in your cup before you've even taken a sip cold; you can't text because you're wearing three layers of gloves cold; polar vortex cold. So first up we thought we'd take a shot at providing some music to help beat the winter blues and get you through a frigid day.

  • Waking Up - Big K.R.I.T. "Rise & Shine"

    Your alarm clock goes off. You look at your window and immediately see snow on the windowsill. The last thing in the world you want to do is get out of your warm bed and get dressed to leave the house. That's where Big K.R.I.T.'s "Rise & Shine" comes in.

    When it's this cold in the morning you don't want to hear about sunny beaches and uptempo jams anymore than you want to hear about your friend's amazing new boyfriend or girlfriend right after you broke up with yours. Instead, K.R.I.T.'s mellow but kinetic instrumental is just the thing to slowly ease you into the day, and if you're not feeling inspired and motivated after hearing the sincerity of his rhymes, your soul may just be frostbitten.

    Best Line: "You gotta get up get out and get somethin / Why rest when all the world runnin?"

  • Getting Out: John Newman "Love Me Again"

    Congratulations, you're properly motivated, you made it outside, but there's still a part of you that wants to run back inside. But wait, what's that? The minute mark of John Newman's "Love Me Again" hits, those horns swell and that piano line pounds and new UK singer John Newman's voice is entering into your bloodstream and suddenly you're doing triple axles across the frozen sidewalk. (Or at least they're triple axles in your head. The point is, you're moving, and you're feeling good.)

    After all, what's going to warm you up faster than a hardcore dance party?

    Notable Quotable: "Now I’m rising from the ground / Rising up to you / Filled with all the strength I found / There's nothing I can’t do!"

  • Midday Break: Mapei "Don't Wait"

    If this was July you'd take your lunch break outside, sitting on a bench and watching pigeons fight over crumbs of your sandwich. But the four feet of snow say you're eating lunch at your desk today. It's a potentially depressing situation, but luckily Mapei's “Don't Wait” is so good you'll forget all about being stuck inside. In fact, don't be surprised if you start snapping your fingers along to that insanely catchy beat and rapping along to that middle section.

    Sure, your co-workers may stare, but those are jealous stares. They just wish they had some Mapei coursing through their headphones too. You win.

    Notable Quotable: "Nothing in the world can get between what we share / no matter where you're at don't worry I'll be there."

  • Party Time: Bad Rabbits "Can't Back Down"

    Do you know how cold it is outside? Are you insane? You’re not going out tonight, you’re going to finally watch that season of "Game of Thrones" you’ve queued up.

    Unless...you're taking me to see Bad Rabbits, one of the best new live bands in the game. If w we get to see the Boston group truly get down and funky like only a truly talented group can, ok, fine, we can't in good conscience back down from that. And as a bonus, all the heat that will be generated at the show will even keep you warm on the walk home.

    Notable Quotable: "All types of phantom conflictions clouding your judgement / You should not listen to ya other half / You should just laugh at it."

  • Bed Time: Raleigh Ritchie "Stay Inside"

    You've done it. You not only navigated the treacherous Arctic conditions outside, but thanks to some great music you actually had a pretty good time doing. Frankly, you've earned the right to finally get under all those blankets and just stay inside.

    Speaking of which, Raleigh Ritchie's “Stay Inside” is just the kind of hazy, dreamy song to not only help you drift off to sleep, but having you dreaming some pretty extrodinary dreams. Plus, Ritchie (real name Jacob Anderson ) is not only one of England's most talented new musicians, he's also the actor who plays Greyworm on Game of Thrones. That'll come in handy when you finally get to that Netflix queue — bonus points!

    Notable Quotable: "When the underdogs rise again, I'll have my time."