• The Stylist for Iggy Azalea’s Clueless-Themed "Fancy" Music Video featuring Charli XCX Tells All

    Genre defying, Australian rapper Iggy Azalea drops a music video for her latest track “Fancy,” featuring pop singer Charli XCX and beats by the Invisible Men. The infectious self-proclaiming track uses the perfect basis for its music video–1995 cult-hit, Clueless. Azalea, of course, portrays Alicia Silverstone’s iconic Cher character with all the sass and swagger both are known for. Charli XCX plays school-girl bestie Tai, with comparable style and brass. The video is filled with remakes of classic Clueless scenes, and the outfits are skillfully reinvented to channel the famous stylings of the movie with a slightly modern edge. We had the chance to sit down with Azalea’s stylist to learn more about the perfect stylings of the video and what it’s like to work Azalea and the rest of her team. Alejandra Hernandez was the mastermind behind all 260 looks of the “Fancy” video, and, as expected, it wasn’t an easy feat. Hernandez described how every person you see in the video was individually styled to match the ‘90s Clueless theme. It took 17 days to prep all the styles and almost two weeks to return their massive pull of clothing to an assortment of brands. Leaning towards edgy, bold and tailored designs akin to Azalea’s tastes, Hernandez collaborated with designers and brands like Betsey Johnson, Adidas, and Doc Martens. Styling Charli XCX’s character Hernandez used a lot of vintage Betsey Johnson, and for the classic gym scene Hernandez turned to Adidas and Converse for her ‘90s-inspired athletic wear. For the rest of the looks Hernandez pulled from mainly private-vintage dealers, some friends’ clothing stores in Canada, and specially designed a few iconic looks. After watching the video there’s no denying that all of Hernandez’s hard work went to good use. The video accurately depicts all of the classic Clueless fashions, and Azalea looks amazing as a modern day Cher. The two started working together about three years ago after Hernandez helped an ex-boyfriend with Azalea’s “My World” music video. Both Azalea and Hernandez hit it off and soon came up with the idea for a Clueless themed music video. Once Azalea’s management approached them about using the theme, they immediately went to work. “Fancy” is the first single off of Azalea’s much-anticipated debut album, The New Classic, and it certainly shows signs that this upcoming album should impress. With the inventive music video concept for “Fancy,” we’re definitely left wanting more. The New Classic is due to drop sometime this March. In the meantime, you can take a look at are scene-by-scene breakdown of the “Fancy” video. It highlights all the reworkings of your favorite Clueless scenes, including details from the stylist, Alejandra Hernandez.
  • The Infamous Digitized Closet

    Hernandez gave us the details for this look from the opening scene of the video. The robe Azalea is sporting is actually a vintage boxing robe. It’s designed by Betsey Johnson and it perfectly recreates Cher’s chic and classy ‘90s style.
  • Cher’s Sassy Class Presentation

    The iconic plaid outfit Cher sports in the original movie was an almost exact replica in the music video. It’s no surprise that this look was custom made. Hernandez designed it from scratch while shooting in LA. There’s just no playing around when it comes to a yellow plaid mini skirt suit.
  • School-Girl Lunch

    The guy on the left is wearing a vintage jersey and the guy to the right is wearing vintage Tommy Hilfiger. All of the men’s vintage was pulled from my friend’s really cool vintage store in Canada. Iggy is wearing vintage Chanel and Charlie’s character is wearing vintage Betsey Johnson.” – Alejandra Hernandez
  • A Fashionista’s Take on Gym

    This scene was skillfully recreated to feature '90s athletic wear with a hip modern twist. Hernandez used Adidas and Converse for the footwear and designs from Alexander Wang, and Revolve for the clothing. Hernandez even incorporates tiny details like star accessories she noticed Amber’s character working in the original movie by adding stars to an outfit in the scene.
  • Freeway Driving At Its Finest

    For this scene, Hernandez filled us in on all the details. Azalea is sporting vintage Calvin Klein and Deon’s character is wearing a Betsey Johnson archive hoody. The actor playing Deon’s boyfriend Murray(not pictured in this scene), works an Adidas Original vintage track suit and a Kangol hat. On point!
  • House Party In The Valley

    Ah the red “Val party” dress. As Clueless fans know well, “It’s an Alaïa.” To recreate the iconic look from the party in the valley, Hernandez says it was a Betsey Johnson collaboration that really brought Cher’s look in this scene to life. She styled Charli XCX in a vintage custom-made outfit with Vivienne Westwood boots.
  • Cher’s School Boy Crush

    For this scene, Hernandez styled Azalea in a 2014 Just Cavalli sweater and bottoms from Vivienne Westwood’s current collection. The actor playing Christian wasn’t even supposed to be in the scene. He’s actually a part of Azalea’s management team and was a perfect last-minute addition. As if!
  • Ruling the Halls

    “I had to make the suits for both the Cher and Deon characters and the hat. The hat my cousin made. He’s actually a really amazing artist. He’s famous for making the Lady Gaga meat dress so he made the Deon hat for me. He’s the only person I trusted. The hat was going to be the most challenging part. I can get a suit made in LA and try to match the plot as much as possible, but the hat is what really won.” – Alejandra Hernandez
  • "Fancy"

    While any other stylist would have been totally buggin with a task as monumental as recreating the Clueless wardrobe, Hernandez handled it like a pro. What other movies would you love to see Iggy Azalea recreate in a music video? Tell us what you think on Twitter!