• Synched Up: Songs To Soundtrack The Season's First Warm Day

    In 2014 you're only a phone, some earbuds and a few clicks of a button away from literally being able to create and listen to the soundtrack of your life, as you live it.

    But finding that perfect song for that perfect moment is easier said than done. That's where our new series "Synched" comes in. We'll suggest five songs to help get you through some of the hallmark moments of your day, and since not all days are created equal — a summer afternoon in Shanghai calls for much different music than a winter night in New York City — we'll provide playlists for every combination of location, mood and situation we can think of.

    After walking you through the perfect polar vortex playlist, today we turn our attention to helping you thaw out for days when that cold front starts to blow over. So behold, five songs to help you finally put those frozen blues to rest.
  • Waking Up - Allen Stone, "Unaware"

    Congratulations, you woke up and there's no longer frost coating the outside of your bedroom window. Looks like you might not have to wear that second pair of socks today.

    But that doesn't mean you're living in a tropical paradise just yet, that Beach Boys album will have to stay on hold. Instead, turn to Allen Stone's "Unaware". The first few minutes of Stone's hazy, bluesy jam will be just the thing to get you out of bed softly and smoothly, but by the time Stone hits that high note in the finale, you'll feel ready to charge out the door and conquer the world. (You still might want to pack that second pair of socks though, just in case. You don't want to be caught unaware.)

  • Getting Out - Gary Clark Jr., "Bright Lights"

    You're feeling pretty good. But that guy on the train, the one who keeps nodding his head in a trance, he looks like he's feeling really really good. Like he may be riding the train to his ordinary job, but when he gets to that job he's going to ask for a raise, and he's supremely confident he'll get it. If only you knew what he was listening to that gave him such supreme confidence.

    We can't say for sure, but it's probably Gary Clark Jr. Electronic-driven drums have their place, but there's still nothing that that perfect blues guitar to really get you moving and put some strut in your step. So go ahead, press play; maybe it's time for you to ask for that raise too. Just don't let those bright lights in the big city go to your head.

  • Midday Break - SZA, "Babylon"

    All this sunshine and motivation are great, but no one can be on 24 hours a day. At your lunch break you need a chance to zone out and notice the first few birds returning to the trees, not think about that annoying co-worker who drank some of the orange juice you clearly labeled with your name in the office fridge (again!).

    One of the new signees to TDE (the label that put on Kendrick Lamar), and a former Pulse on Who's Next subject, SZA specializes in exactly that kind of trance-inducing music. Not icy, not hot, her music is just enough of everything you want, but not too much of anything. She's just....warm, and right now that's exactly what you need.

  • Party Time - Disclosure ft. Mary J. Blige "F for You"

    "Get Lucky" was the party jam of last summer, and with its bright guitars and top-down feel, it's easy to hear why. But it's not convertible weather yet. What you need is a song that captures that same spirit, but just a little more toned down, something that gets you moving but doesn't demand a beach and tropical punch.

    Welcome to Disclosure's "F for You." The English production duo have hit that perfect balance between live instrumentation and house bounce, and bringing in the immortal Mary J. Blige on vocals only gives the track that much more soul. Really get down to this and you might not even to put that sweater on during the walk home. Want to learn more about Disclosure? Check out our Artist of the Week feature!

  • Bed Time: Mayer Hawthorne "Reach Out Richard"

    So you were finally feeling inspired enough by the warming weather to spend the night out with friends instead of immediately crawling back under the covers. But even after an hour or two at your favorite spot, the DJ still didn't play that perfect last song. Luckily, Mayer Hawthorne has everything you need.

    Not only will "Reach Out Richard" cap off one of the sunnier days in what feels like forever, but even better, that bass line will bounce around your dreams and have you waking up feeling even more energized and ready to pound the pavement. It may not be summer yet, but you can feel it coming; or at the very least, you can hear it coming.