Solange has had an incredible year. The 26-year-old singer has been in the music industry since she was a teen, but recently came out with a new sound that skyrocketed her music to heights she’s never reached before. 

Her True EP was released in late in 2012 and it became an instant hit. Collaborating with
Dev Hynes, (AKA Blood Orange) gave her an 80′s-inspired new wave edge making the songs perfect to dance to. Such a lighthearted sound brought out the nuances and rawness in her voice. There’s a futuristic tone running through the EP, with synth and sparkle shining through every track. But it's not a complete reinvention, the sound is anchored in the soulful R&B heartbeat Solange's early career was built on. Her forthcoming lyrics and harmonic melodies bring Motown girl groups like The Supremes to mind. Solange hit the mark on an EP that balances strong music histories with a perfectly fresh take. And her music isn't the only thing that's fresh, check out her look.

A fashion icon, in addition to her musical success, Solange is known for sporting colorful and unique outfits from favorite designers like Kenzo and Suno NY. The aesthetic of the music video for “Losing You,” drew inspiration from African Sapeurs and was actually filmed in Capetown during a trip Solange took with friends. She has been involved with the fashion line House of Deréon with her older sister, Beyoncé, since its inception. But make no mistake—Solange has forged her own path to the worlds of fashion and music, staying true to her singular vision.

Fans can look forward to a brand new studio album in the works with contributions from longtime friend and collaborator, Pharrell. Until the album drops, you can catch Solange on tour and watch the video for “Losing You” here.