James Blake is the kind of electronic musician who spans generations. He’s a talented producer known for making melancholic experimental R&B. He's also an acclaimed DJ. Blake melds the worlds of gospel, soul, house, and ambient music to create textural and moving soundscapes. His best work is showcased on his award-winning album, Overgrown. As a nominee for the for Best New Artist at the 56th Annual GRAMMY Awards, Blake established himself as an industry heavyweight who’s not afraid to push the boundaries of popular music.

But Blake didn’t get to this point overnight. He cut his teeth in clubs around the UK as one of the foremost dubstep D.J.s. He made the bold decision to release a cover of Feist’s “Limit To Your Love,” with himself on vocals. He looped a line that would make any gospel singer proud, then sang lead over top of his looped vocals. The track became the first of many gripping, sensual songs Blake would release as a songwriter.

With each release, he seems to develop his sound. After releasing his debut album and several EPs, Overgrown showcases lush production with elements of jazz, wistful vocals, and even a verse by Wu-Tang genius RZA.

His recent tour supporting Overgrown found Blake and his two live bandmates, including producer Airhead, blowing away crowds. They play an intricate set that combines the intensity of a dance music DJ with the intimacy of a gifted singer-songwriter. 

Watch the video above to experience a day in the life with James Blake, and tune in to watch the 56th Annual GRAMMY Awards on Sunday, January 26, 2014.