In retrospect, a co-headlining tour with Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z seems like a no-brainer, since the two are pals and collaborated on "Suit & Tie."  But it wasn't a joint decision that had been planned from the beginning; in fact, Justin says it was Jay-Z who came to him with the concept.

In an interview for MySpace, the social media company he now co-owns, Justin says, "Jay approached me about it...I think he likes to do things for his fan base that are special, as do I, and we just thought, we share the same producers...we share a lot of the same style, actually. I bet we share a lot of the same fans, you know what I mean?"

Justin adds, "We just started pitching the idea around and I just said, 'Yeah, man, I like that. I like that. That could be fun.' And I remembered artists like Billy [Joel] and Elton [John] went on tour together and you just see them mash up their songs together, and I said, 'That’s what it has to be.' We have to just go out on stage for two hours and just nonstop, kill it and then go have a beer or whatever."

Timberlake tells MySpace that the tour is "gonna be a lot of fun," even though he and Jay haven't exactly nailed down what it is they'll be doing. 

"It’s going to be a musical show," he teases. "We’re both on this thing where we’re not into a lot of tricks. We just want to come play and...fry everybody’s face off with the songs and everybody have a great time. Almost festival style."

The Legends of the Summer tour gets underway in July in Toronto.  After it wraps, Justin plans a solo headlining tour.

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