• The Top Ten Stylish Latin Musicians To Know in 2014

    Latin musicians have long been a source of inspiration and guidance for the fashion world. From Selena’s diamond-studded bra-top, which you can find in pretty much any funky female clothing store, to Pitbull’s effortless suited-up style, much of what you see in contemporary fashion happens first in the Latino music community.

    From emerging reggaeton singer, Maluma and his Bieber-like style, to Latin hip-hop sensation Mala Rodriguez and her daring threads, all of these musicians take their personal style just as seriously as their music. Get familiar with the latest Latin-music stars taking the fashion world by storm, here’s our list of The Top Ten Stylish Latin Musicians To Know in 2014.

  • Maluma

    Emerging Colombian Reggaeton sensation, Maluma performed with Bieber-esque style during Latin music’s biggest night last year. The star rocked an all-white leather ensemble, staying on point with a motorcycle jacket and accessorizing with a glittery “M” emblem on his mic. To get to familiar with Maluma and his confident style you can check out his Instagram here.
  • Becky G

    Cutsie tough-girl, Becky G is a Mexican-American rapper straight out of Inglewood, CA. Her raps are flawless and her flow is synonymous with superstar artists like J Lo. She lights up the stage in a sparkly, all-white ensemble, made up of baggy sweats and wedged kicks. She proves herself with her sharp lyrics, swagged-out dance moves, and consistently shines like a star. To see some more of her effortless style, find Becky G on Instagram.
  • Illya Kuryaki and The Valderramas

    Illya Kuryaki and The Valderramas are an Argentinian music group who first hit the scene in the early ‘90s, only to break up a in 2001 to pursue solo careers. The duo rejoined in 2011 to continue making their hip-hop, salsa, and funk-inspired hits. But music isn’t all these two have to offer. Members Spinetta and Horvilleur are also known for their trend-setting eccentric style that’s completely their own. They rep meticulously tailored suits, awesome shades and feathered bowties. To learn more about this eclectic group’s sense of style find both Spinetta and Horvilleur on Twitter.
  • Pablo Alboran

    Pablo Alboran has the voice of an angel. Hailing from Spain, he’s one of the youngest and most talented artists on the Latin-music scene. Always rocking a minimalist style, he fuses together elegance and grace in his performances. Check out more of Alboran’s simplistic and sophisticated style on his Instagram.
  • Sergio George

    Sergio George, aka Sir George, is a phenomenal producer born and raised in New York, with parents of Puerto Rican descent. George won Record Of The Year for "Vivir Mi Vida" with Marc Anthony, Best Salsa Album for Sergio George Presents Salsa Giants, and Producer Of The Year at the 2013 Latin Grammy Awards. He has reached most of his success through working with talented artists like Marc Anthony, Jennifer Lopez, and more. But, nothing beats his personal style. Check out this green-and-brown plaid suit he rocked over an all-black button down and retro shades. You can get to know more about Sir George and his flare for fashion from his Twitter.
  • Mala Rodriguez

    Mala Rodriguez is like Latin music’s version of Nicki Minaj. With her costume-like outfits and hip-hop flare, she brings it with almost every look and performance. One of her biggest albums, Bruja was riddled with poise and swag. Her name itself “mala” translates to “bad” in English, and she is bad in all the right ways. Check out her daring outfit at the biggest music event for Latinos, that puts Jessica Rabbit to shame. And check out more from Mala on Twitter.
  • Draco Rosa

    Puerto Rican recording artist and former Menudo member, Draco Rosa never fails to wow his audience. He's one of the best-dressed artists out there, pictured here rocking a patterned blazer and collarless shirt. Check out more of his classy style on Instagram.
  • Natalia Lafourcade

    Natalia Lafourcade is the frontwoman for Mexican pop-rock band, Natalia y La Forquetina. Her latest album, Mujer Divina, or Divine Woman is an absolute banger. Lafourcade not only brings originality and confidence to the stage, but also a chic feminine style that is rarely found today. Her delicate voice is as enchanting as her fairy-like style. You can see more of Lafourcade’s feminine fashions on her Instagram.
  • Kat Dahlia

    Katriana Huguet, better known by her stage name Kat Dahlia, is a Cuban-American singer/rapper hailing from Miami, FL.  She is gaining more and more momentum with her aggressive and straightforward lyrical style. Her big single “Gangsta” came out in 2013, in which she spits rhymes about so-called bad boys who claim to be tough, but fall short of a “Gangsta.” And part of what makes Kat so interesting is not just her flow, but her edgy sense of style. She brings you softness with razor-like edges at the same time. Keep an eye out for her debut-studio album My Garden in May, and check some of her unique styles on her Instagram.
  • Maluca

    Now check out this other Latina bad girl (in a good way, of course,) Natalie Ann Yepez, better known as Maluca. She comes straight out of Washington Heights, New York City and grew up on lots of bachata, merengue, and other Latin music surrounding her. She blends it with hip-hop and club music, and her sound is totally her own. She was singing karaoke and Diplo (yes Diplo!) noticed her amazing vocals, the rest was history. She put out a few releases on Major Lazer, and has been killing it ever since. It’s your modern day Cinderella story, except this Cinderella looks like she can also kick some royal behind. And did we mention her sense of style is wild and sexy? You can see some more of Maluca’s killer style on her Instagram.

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