• 10 Musicians Who Should Create Clothing Lines

    Music and fashion are like the perfect harmony. They both help tell a story their artist is trying to portray. Whether in a music video, concert, or just walking down the street, artists time and time again use fashion as an outlet for creativity, imagination, and personal style. These artists have proven that when it comes to fashion they have what it takes to design the perfect tee, dress, shoes, or jacket. Here are 10 Musicians Who Should Create Clothing Lines.
  • Kid Cudi

    Cudi has been a hip-hop fashion icon since he emerged on the scene in 2009. He rocks a plethora of high-end streetwear brands like Bape, BBC, GANT Rugger, and Surface to Air. Well before he became Kid Cudi, Scott Mescudi worked at a Bape store in SoHo, which helped jump-start his music career and a small t-shirt collaboration with Bape. Since then, he has worked on small collaborations here and there like his leather jacket collection with Surface 2 Air but hasn’t really dived all the way in the fashion world. With his impressive history of streetwear, we’d love to see the man on the moon drop his own high-end streetwear line. Fitted leather jackets, ripped jeans, tees, hoodies, snapbacks, we want it all Cudi!
  • Ariana Grande

    Ariana Grande is triple threat, extremely talented, gorgeous, and has an impressive fashion sense. She is known for wearing her signature look (ponytail with usually an all-over print dress.) It works well for her and it should be something for her to capitalize on. Her own dress line will give the opportunity for her extremely vast fan a chance to look like their idol, and another reason for us to love her even more.

  • Lorde

    Lorde is unique in every way. Whether it’s the way she sings, performs, or how she dresses. She’s in her own lane and it has been working for her since her mainstream blow up last year. Her fashion style is far different from the average mainstream pop look. She likes to wear lots of black outfits (dresses, pants, leather jackets, etc.) serving a “Goth witch vibe.” We don’t know exactly what it means but we are thrilled and intrigued to see more. She should take her distinctive gothic style and design a line of tops, dresses, and jackets so we can all be “royal” with her.
  • Andre 3000

    Andre 3000 is one of the most stylish hip-hop artists of our generation. Unafraid to take risks, he’s never dressed head-to-toe in one designer, and he’s always one step ahead of trends. Whatever unique style he decides to blend, he rocks a plethora of color and pattern combinations. His signature patterned tailoring would make for a great line and capitalize on his dapper vibe.
  • Iggy Azalea

    The Australian goddess, Iggy Azalea is pro when it comes the dress game. Whether she decides go casual in a Givenchy print tee and ripped jeans or shut down the red carpet in a Emilio Pucci dress and designer heels. She has an eye for fashion and should explore her abilities of designing a women’s high-end line of heels and suits so her fans can work, work, work, as they bump The New Classic.
  • Lana Del Rey

    Lana blends old-Hollywood glam with sixties bad-girl Americana attitude, she’s a one-woman retro-pop revolution. A clothing line consisting of pieces that represent her signature looks of vintage but classy dresses, skirts, and tops would be a sight to see. We know she has an album, Ultraviolence on the way. Hopefully 2014 will be filled with surprises from Miss Del Rey.
  • Daft Punk

    Within the past year, French electronic music duo has had top of the chart singles, achieved a platinum album, and won three prestigious Grammy awards. They are having the best time of their robot lives right now and are looking stylish while doing so. When they aren’t blowing our minds with music, the robots are dashing us with their high-end European style. Leather jackets and pants to YSL suits and furs, they have definitely infiltrated the fashion world and wouldn’t be a surprise if it will be their next take over. We’d love to see a collection of European inspired fits on the mainstream level and to dive even deeper into the extraordinary minds of the Daft Punk.
  • Kacey Musgraves

    Yes, she is a gifted country musician but Kacey Musgraves has caught our attention for another reason, her effortless chic country style. Vintage stores, Rag and Bone, and Betsey Johnson are some of her favorite places to shop but her biggest inspiration is her grandma’s old school country style. We she spills some of her secrets for us through items of clothing. A line of vintage cowboys boots will be a sight to see.
  • Harry Styles

    Skinny jeans and tee’s with rolled up sleeves is Harry Styles signature European rockstar-esque look. His style has been recognized in the fashion world earning him the award of British Style Icon at the British Fashion Awards. If this isn’t enough to convince him to create a line of signature buttons up, tees, and fitted jeans, hopefully a million screaming fans will change his mind.
  • Ellie Goulding

    English singer, Ellie Goulding is no stranger to the fashion world. She has appeared at numerous fashion events, recently Milan fashion week. Also, she isn’t afraid to risks when it comes to her personal style. Rocking a revealing sheer top is bold but Ellie pulls it off just right. Her ability to take risks is a big reason we’d like to see her design her own line. Since her style is so diverse we wouldn’t mind any area of fashion dived into, but if we had to choose…it would be cool to see her design a line of stylish trench coats, sport coats, and leather jackets.