• Top 10 Musicians’ Closets We Want to Raid

    Imagine getting to browse through the assortment of hip biker jackets, retro fit and flare dresses, signature flower crowns, and everything else Lana Del Rey has stocked in her closet. Catching a glimpse of her personal wardrobe would be a dream. And we would definitely snatch a tube of the red lipstick and liquid black eyeliner she uses, to top off our Lana closet invasion.

    There are some musicians whose style we simply can’t get enough of. And if you’re like us, you’ve probably dreamed of raiding their closets to steal some of your favorite looks. When it comes to style inspiration, it’s not always the high-fashion designers, fashion magazines, or hip fashion bloggers that give us the best style ideas–it’s our favorite musicians. Musicians today have to have amazing style, equally as daring and innovative as their music. Whether it’s trend-setting R&B or hip-hop artists with funky urban garb, or fearless pop artists with eccentric risk-taking style, many of today’s hottest musicians are inspiring designers, fashion lovers, and fans alike with their impeccable style.

    So here are our picks for the top ten stylish musicians–all of whom have closets we do anything to raid. Our list includes current R&B sensations like Solange and Frank Ocean, part popstar, teen-heartthrob, and style-icon Harry Styles, and finally our list couldn’t be complete without the always daring and innovative stylings of Lady Gaga.

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  • Solange

    A free-for-all in Solange’s closet would leave us with tons of exotic dresses, patterned tees, and pretty much a whole new color spectrum to choose from. From Kenzo and Suno to Diane von Furstenberg, this R&B singer/songwriter definitely has some awesome designer gear. Solange skillfully sets herself apart with her unique and funky style. Whether it’s fun-colorful prints, afro-centric styles, or daring menswear pieces, Solange is constantly evolving, taking chances and keeping it fun. Just imagine what a few pieces from Solange’s wardrobe could do for your own style. Check out her Instagram to see the personal side of Solange's fashion sense, from her influencers to some of her own everyday outfits.
  • Frank Ocean

    Frank Ocean has truly evolved as a musician and so has his style. From sporting colorful headbands, to wowing on the red carpet in a perfectly tailored tuxedos, this Grammy-award-winning singer/songwriter proves he’s got some impeccable style to go along with those amazing pipes of his. Now just imagine if we got to swim through the wardrobe of Mr. Ocean–we surely wouldn’t leave empty handed. Our first picks would definitely be those signature headbands, some bold colored blazers, hip-graphic tees, and any of his awesome vintage shirts. Our style would automatically gain some West Coast swagger.  You can get some extra Frank Ocean inspiration by checking out his Tumblr.
  • Harry Styles

    Also a fan of the men’s headband, Harry Styles has become widely known for his hip sense of style. Constantly working mod trends, Styles is regularly seen rocking black skinny jeans and matching chelsea boots. The popular One Direction singer was even the winner of last year’s British Style Award at the 2013 British Fashion Awards. So what would be the result of a trip inside the wardrobe of Harry Styles?

    We would definitely grab some of those designer Burberry printed shirts he has been sporting, a pair of trendy chelsea boots and maybe some hair product? The guy does have an awesome head of hair. Check out some of his personal stylings on his Instagram and be sure to comment @pepsi some of your Stylings (pun intended).

  • Janelle Monáe

    Since Janelle Monáe stormed onto the music scene in 2010, she has garnered praise for both her music and original style. There’s no questioning that we would love to sneak a peek into her closet (just think of all the fierce structural jackets you could find!). Always channelling classic retro styles, Monáe’s take on fashion is refreshingly unique.

    She sticks to a mainly black and white color palette, and for good reason. As the Huffington Post reported, her black and white uniform honors her mother and grandmother who both wore uniforms as working class citizens. A huge fan of menswear pieces, Monáe would have so many amazing pieces tucked inside her wardrobe. And don’t forget that hair! Monáe is another artist we would consider stealing hair products from. She totally works the pompadour updo and has turned it into her signature look. To get even more familiar with Monáe’s classic style, check out her Instagram.

  • André 3000

    The multi-talented André 3000, best known for being part of the hip-hop duo Outkast, has always impressed with his unconventional style. Known for working tons of vintage-inspired garb, André 3000 has a knack for pulling off daring pieces. Only André could wear a vintage-looking straw hat on the red carpet and look totally dapper. So we’re of course crazy over the idea of stepping into the wardrobe of this superstar.

    Sporting designers like Ralph Lauren and so many awesome vintage pieces, we would have a lot to pick and choose from. With his sometimes preppy flare we would also find lots of cardigans, cable-knit sweaters, and corduroy. The singer has mastered the art of mixing various styles whether it be vintage, mod, or prepster, and we can’t wait to see more from him with the much-anticipated return of Outkast this year.

  • Justin Timberlake

    Mr. Timberlake has come a long way since his ‘N Sync days. Previously sporting baggy pants and that bleach-blonde curly fro, Timberlake now sports a more sophisticated style. Undergoing a total style transformation, Timberlake’s wardrobe is now filled with clean-cut, contemporary looks. From perfectly-tailored tuxedo jackets to super-hip fedoras, JT always looks put-together and effortlessly chic. If we found ourselves in his wardrobe we would definitely steal some of his killer blazers, those Alexander Wang tees he sported on tour last year, and maybe a stylish tuxedo or two. See some more of JT’s classy style on his Instagram.
  • Bruno Mars

    Pop sensation, Bruno Mars has got some noteworthy style to go along with his chart-topping hits. The star isn’t afraid to take fashion risks, trying out all types of trends. From channeling old hollywood glamour with shimmery gold blazers and his signature pompadour hair do, to getting in touch with his Hawaiian roots by sporting straw hats and patterned t-shirts, Mars has a unique flare for fashion.

    His closet is definitely filled with fun pieces that would do wonders to our own wardrobes. If we ever got the chance to stock up on some Bruno Mars’ garb we would opt for those cool hawaiian-print tees, several fedoras, and anything Saint Laurent (especially one of those amazing Saint Laurent ensembles Mars wore during his Super Bowl performance). To learn more about Mars and his killer personal style, check out his Instagram.

  • Florence Welch

    British singer, Florence Welch of Florence + the Machine has a very distinctive voice and musical sound. It’s then no surprise that she brings these same eccentricities to her personal style, usually rocking ethereal and bohemia styled clothing. Her performance outfits always involve beautiful flowing fabrics with striking colors and styles. Off stage she incorporates this same originality into her everyday wear as she is regularly seen sporting awesome vintage-inspired garb. See some more of Florence eccentric style on her Instagram account.
  • Lady Gaga

    Pop icon Lady Gaga is known worldwide for her daring style, so much that it’s hard to imagine the singer’s career without her epic wardrobe. The ultimate fashion risk-taker, Lady Gaga pushes almost every fashion boundary making herself the style icon she is today. Incorporating her fashion into all her musical ventures, Gaga has brought us so many unique styles and outfits that no one else could even think to repeat. From her meat dress at the 2010 VMA Awards to her celestial ensemble for the 52nd annual Grammy Awards, this singer rarely disappoints on the red carpet. And when it comes to her performance outfits, Gaga proves to be the best of the best. Take a look at all of her personal stylings, inspirations, and more on her Instagram.
  • Lana Del Rey

    Lana Del Rey masters old hollywood glam with her distinctive style. The "West Coast" singer wowed fans back in 2011 with her original sound, but she also gained significant attention for her fresh take on fashion. Del Rey is often seen sporting red lips, voluminous retro-styled hair, and vintage-inspired dresses or gowns. But with all these ‘50s and 60s, old Americana influences comes a fusion of hip-hop and urban style, which can been seen in both her music and fashion. It’s no surprise that the singer is dubbed by many as a “gangster Nancy Sinatra.” See more of Lana’s tough-girl glam on her Instagram.