End-of-the-world-themed films seem to be everywhere these days. Some of the biggest grossing hits this summer, like This is The End, After Earth, and World War Z all use the popular trope. In those movies, like most in the genre, surviving the apocalypse requires acrobatic stunts, epic battles, struggles to brave the elements, and desperate quests for food. In the video for Janelle Monáe’s “Dance Apocalyptic” all it takes to fend off earthquakes and zombies is a little dancing! Doesn’t sound so bad.

Monae plays a femme fatale performing on an American Bandstand-esque TV Show. The MC introduces Monae saying he’s seen her, “Knock a man out with her eyelashes alone.” Clearly, Monae’s set for a zombie showdown. She shakes her way through the funk-fueled single sporting long and luscious locks in place of the tightly wound coiffe we’ve become so used to seeing atop her head.

Check out the video for “Dance Apocalyptic,” above and watch out for the release of her second studio album, The Electric Lady on September 10 via Bad Boy Records.