• Your Favorite Artists’ Favorite MLB Teams
  • 1 Your Favorite Artists’ Favorite MLB Teams
  • 2 Your Favorite Artists’ Favorite MLB Teams
  • 3 Your Favorite Artists’ Favorite MLB Teams
  • 4 Your Favorite Artists’ Favorite MLB Teams
  • 5 Your Favorite Artists’ Favorite MLB Teams
  • 6 Your Favorite Artists’ Favorite MLB Teams
  • 7 Your Favorite Artists’ Favorite MLB Teams
  • 8 Your Favorite Artists’ Favorite MLB Teams
  • 9 Your Favorite Artists’ Favorite MLB Teams
  • 10 Your Favorite Artists’ Favorite MLB Teams
  • 11 Your Favorite Artists’ Favorite MLB Teams
  • Your Favorite Artists' Favorite MLB Teams

    Get your baseball caps on, grab a hotdog, and keep your glove at hand in case a flyball comes your way because Major League baseball is almost back! You’re not the only one who’s excited. These famous musicians are die-hard fans of some of the best teams in the league. Here are your favorite artists’ favorite MLB Teams.

  • 1. Jay-Z - The New York Yankees

    Unless it’s a black tie affair, you’ll rarely see Jay-Z without a hat from one of his favorite sports teams on. During baseball season, it’s none other than the New York Yankees.

  • 2. Steven Tyler - The Boston Red Sox

    A quintessential fixture at Red Sox games, Steven Tyler is one of the team’s greatest admirers.

  • 3. Flo Rida - The Seattle Mariners

    Flo Rida’s love for the Seattle Mariners was born of a mutual affection shared by former Mariners player, Ichiro Suzuki. The rapper once presented Suzuki with a custom recording of his song, “Low,” and changed the words in the chorus from “Low, low, low, low,” to “Ichiro, ro, ro, ro.”

  • 4. Ludacris - Atlanta Braves

    Ludacris loves everything about his hometown of Atlanta, including its MLB team, the Braves. He’s performed at Turner Field, often reps a jersey, and even starred in this promotional video for the team along with Usher and former Backstreet Boy, Brian Litrell.

  • 5. Nelly - St. Louis Cardinals

    If you know Nelly’s music, you know he reps his hometown of St. Louis in every verse. Songs like, “St. Louie,” and “Midwest Swing,” don’t leave anything up to question. Former Cardinals shortstop, Ozzie Smith was even featured in Nelly’s video for “Air Force Ones.”

  • 6. Will Smith - Philadelphia Phillies

    “In West Philadelphia born and raised,” is one of the most famous opening lyrics to a TV Show intro. Will Smith’s character in Fresh Prince of Bel-Air might have been fictional, but his commitment to Philly, and specifically their baseball team, The Phillies, is very much real.

  • 7. Wiz Khalifa - Pittsburg Pirates

    Sure, Wiz Khalifa’s song, “Black and Yellow,” was technically about the Steelers. But that doesn’t stop the Taylor Gang rapper from repping a Pittsburgh Penguins hat of the same colors.

  • 8. Kid Rock - Detroit Tigers

    Kid Rock is a well-known Detroit fan. He reps the gear, performs at Comerica Park, and even goes out for his city as an activit. Watch the video he narrated for the city’s promotional campaign Opportunity Detroit that aired during the 2012 World Series.

  • 9. Avril Lavigne - Toronto Blue Jays

    We know what you’re thinking, “Punk rock popstars like Avril Lavigne don’t like baseball.” Right? Not so! She threw the opening pitch at a Jays game at the Skydome in Toronto, Ontario, her home province in Canada.

  • 10. Grateful Dead - The New York Giants

    Here are two fan groups you don’t want to mess with: lovers of the New York Giants, and Grateful Dead admirers, affectionately referred to as “Deadheads.” The collision of the two likens the resulting group of superfans to an army. Watch out Yankees! Just kidding, we all know Deadheads are lovers. Can’t say the same about Giants fans--they’re vicious when it comes to their home team!

  • 11. Jordin Sparks - Arizona Diamondbacks

    The Arizona songstress has been known to get up and belt out the national anthem before Diamondbacks games. Watch out! We hear she has one hell of a pitching arm to boot.