Sometimes being on the dance floor feels like a contest. You know when you’re winning; it’s only fair you should be rewarded for it.

Legendary turntablist and producer A-Trak agrees. During SXSW 2014, Pepsi and A-Trak paired to to present a groundbreaking Bioreactive concert experience. At first, bioreactive sounds like something out of a superhero movie. While the crowd was packed with party-goers giving super hero dance performances, this show was very much fueled by living, breathing human beings. Using state of the art Lightwave technology, each partygoer wore a wristband that monitored their heart rates, movements, temperatures, and the volume of the music around them for one massive dataparty.

The all-encompassing music experience took place in a custom-created white pop-up venue. It was essentially a party inside a cloud. The wristbands synched up with people’s social media accounts and usernames so that the ones who danced the hardest got shout-outs on large LED projections around the room. Lightwave traced user’s kinetic energy to tend to the needs of partygoers. When the room got too hot, the wristbands unlocked refreshments and blasted cool air. The pinnacle of the night was a massive dance off pitting guys and girls against each other to determine once and for all who the reigning champs are.

Pepsi is spearheading the party of the future. With motion, volume and temperature sensors, Pepsi’s team was able to transmit crowd biometrics to make sure attendees were comfortable, hydrated and living for now. The hi-tech dance zone creates a sense of virtual connectivity for all its inhabitants while continuously unlocking fun. Just imagine–one day every party could be this perfect.

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