Latin superstar Don Omar is widely credited for being a major force in bringing reggaeton music to the masses and expanding its influence around the world thanks to crossover hits like the 2005 smash, “Reggaeton Latino.”

Multiple global hits and hugely successful worldwide tours have made him a household name among Latin music lovers and beyond. His latest chart climbing anthem, “Pura Vida,” is available exclusively on Pepsi Beats of the Beautiful Game and is the ultimate motivational song, celebrating the love of life and the passion of football. In the lyrics and in the emotional delivery, Omar proclaims the “Pure Life” and encourages fans to dance all of your worries away!

Translating those emotions falls into the hands of acclaimed music video and film director Jessy Terrero. Starring Wilmer Valderrama and Casper Smart, the “Pura Vida” film follows a young football team as they battle the agony of defeat and discover the thrill of victory – all with the help of dance.

Watch the film above and pre-order the album on iTunes.

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